Another new addition to the Myrannda household

Last weekend Hubby and I found out that there will be a new addition to the family come July. I'm about 5 weeks pregnant at the moment, and my first doctor's appointment is on December 12. We told all of our family at Thanksgiving, and we've been trying to explain to Wee One that she will be a big sister soon.

By this point in the pregnancy with Wee One I was already pretty sick, but thankfully I feel really good so far. I'm hoping that this one will go much smoother than my first, and if all goes well there will be another Wee One at the end of the summer.


A few more cool sites I've found

image from www.vladstudio.com

If you like to change your desktop often like I do, I think you'll LOVE VladStudio.com. They have some amazing desktop wallpaper on there, and I currently have the Christmas wallpaper clock on my desktop.

image from www.someecards.com

Another site I've found is for ecards - SomeECards.com. They are all witty and sarcastic, and not your normal every day ecard!


More cool shoes!

Let me just start this by saying that I hope my youngest sister isn't reading this. And C, if you are, STOP NOW!!! :D

I'm giving you time to leave. Seriously, go away. ;)

Now, on to the cool shoes! My younger sister and I wanted to get our little sister (who is 15) something really cool for Christmas. She loves shoes as much as I do, and purses even more than that. We decided to pool our money and have found (what we think) are the perfect pair of shoes and purse for her.


Are those not the coolest shoes?? I just love them, and hope little sister will, too!