More shirts finished

My sister came up Friday night, and we were able to knock out a few more shirts. We got her Deathly Hallows/Mickey shirt and Snow White finished, the Castle and Loki for Aimee, and a "MINE! MINE!" seagulls from Nemo for Maddie. I still have to do Lego Princess Leia, Merida and Belle for Cadence, a Jr Woodchuck for Sarah, Robin Hood and Peter Pan for Aimee, and if I get everything else done, Mickey ears for me and Aristocats and Extract of Llama for Amelia. Not sure that I'll get everything finished, but we're going to try. 28 days to go!

Deathly Hallows
 photo IMG_7330.jpg

Snow White
 photo snowwhite.jpg

 photo castle-1.jpg

 photo IMG_7331.jpg

MINE! Seagulls
 photo e.jpg

and being modeled by the cutest 14 month old around!
 photo maddiemine.jpg


First Day of School

Yesterday was Cadence's first day of 3rd grade! I can't believe she's a THIRD GRADER!!! but am so grateful that she seems to really love her teacher. She's also made a friend already, so that will make this year go better, too. My baby's all growin' up! *sniff sniff*

 photo 935886_10151807008890797_473787177_n.jpg


Summer is over

Tonight we got to meet Cadence's 3rd grade teacher, and she had her Girl Scout pinning ceremony as well. I love her teacher, and I know that this year will be wonderful. Cadence was in true form when we met her, but hopefully we didn't scare her away too bad. ;)

The pinning ceremony was wonderful, and all the girls did so well. My favorite part was when they asked Cadence what her favorite thing about Girl Scouts this year was, and her response was "Making the world a better place!" I swear that child will be an actress or Miss America one day! Her troop leader also got her name wrong during the introduction, which I found very funny since her daughter and Cadence are great friends! Here are the pictures from tonight, and I can't believe that she's about to start her third year of Girl Scouts!

 photo 1006012_10151804109385797_541107710_n.jpg

 photo 1098241_10151804109515797_1554772717_n.jpg

 photo 999160_10151804109630797_273271060_n.jpg

 photo 521906_10151804130665797_906741139_n.jpg
This is when Miss Tricia forgot her name

 photo 556717_10151804129960797_402116165_n.jpg
but she recovered quickly!

 photo 971403_10151804131820797_780422660_n.jpg
I loved Making the World a Better Place!

 photo 560065_10151804138845797_1200661603_n.jpg

 photo 1148921_10151804139020797_437797488_n.jpg


Even Minnie is counting down!

I'm going to attempt to do a countdown for Disney every day. Here are the results!

35 Days
 photo 1146697_10151802201550797_1471758927_n.jpg
Minnie is helping paint our new shirts

34 Days
 photo 1098344_10151802201625797_1570819451_n.jpg
Minnie found some friends to have a tea party with!

33 Days
 photo 1012898_10151804971240797_1491051718_n.jpg
Hanging around in the bathroom, just waiting for September!

32 Days
 photo 32days.jpg
She had to watch her main man before getting the day started!

31 Days
 photo 31days.jpg
Hanging out with her cousins

30 Days
 photo 30days.jpg
Minnie loves meeting princesses, too!

29 Days
 photo 29days.jpg
Checking up on Sofia before seeing her in September!

28 Days
 photo 28days.jpg
Minnie is helping show off the new outfits for the little ones!

27 Days

26 Days

25 Days

24 Days

23 Days

22 Days

21 Days

20 Days

19 Days

18 Days

17 Days

16 Days

15 Days

14 Days

13 Days

12 Days

11 Days

10 Days

9 Days

8 Days

7 Days

6 Days

5 Days

4 Days

3 Days

2 Days

1 Day


Best. Momma. EVER!

 photo 1012880_10151799683795797_901811082_n.jpgThis whole trip started because my mom mentioned that she spends tons of money on us for Christmas each year, and she would love to just give us the money and us use it for a family vacation instead. I was over the moon to hear that, then decided to use some money from leaving my old job and pay the entire thing off since we decided to go in September instead of waiting until October like originally planned. She had mentioned that she may make me a "travel kit" for my birthday/christmas instead, and also mentioned clothes. Then, a few days ago she offered to pay for the non-disney hotel we're staying in the first night (which is now booked and will be awesome!), then called today and said she had stuff for us and wanted to bring it up. She showed up with a gift card to Applebee's (the hotel has one attached where kids eat free, and we were already planning to have at least one meal there. The gift card should cover the entire thing), money for the "resort fee" the hotel will charge, an Old Navy gift card for me to get clothes before we go (all my clothes are too big since having Maddie), and a $25 Disney gift card for each girl (we were only planning on giving them $50 each for spending money, so this is half of that!!) We are so incredibly blessed, and I'm so so thankful.

Mike also took me shopping the other day (again, the whole "lost all the baby weight" thing), and I got two new pair of jeans, a pair of capris, crocs ballet flats, and some other "unmentionables" that I needed. I'm loving all my new stuff, and the best part was that all my jeans were the same size I bought before I was pregnant with Cadence! I also used the gift card tonight (yes, I had it a total of 3ish hours before it was spent!) and got two new pairs of shorts and a cute Mickey shirt for the trip. Mike rolled his eyes when I showed him the shirt, but whatever. I don't care. I love it and can't wait for it to arrive!

And I think I'm going to start counting down with the girls tomorrow. I saw this blog that had ideas on how to countdown to Disney in an "Elf on the Shelf" way, only they used Minnie Mouse. We have the same Minnie in red and the black and white version, and since tomorrow makes 35 days out, I thought I'd start then. I don't know that I'll be able to do it every day (and am in awe that she kept it up for 100 days!), but I'm definitely going to try! I'll try to get a picture every day that I remember!


Disney Arts and Crafts

We have been doing a lot of Disney related crafts recently, and I have to share them! This post is all clothes, but I'll do another with the autograph pillowcases and the bottles as soon as I have them finished. But for now, CLOTHES!

The thing I've had the most fun with is tshirts. I used the same freezer paper tutorial I used on the Jeep shirt, but made sure to have matte paint this time. They are working out beautifully, and I've gotten carried away making them.

Here are the ones that are finished so far:

 photo b390f0e6-4f03-4272-8af9-f5e718ef611c.jpg
Hitchhiking Ghosts (mine)

 photo IMG_7048.jpg
The Tightrope Walker from the Haunted Mansion (mine)
I'm planning on putting some kind of frame around this one

 photo IMG_6953.jpg
Aurora and Maleficent (mine)

 photo IMG_7045.jpg
Nemo (Amelia)

 photo IMG_7086.jpg
Beauty and the Beast Rose (Amelia)

 photo IMG_6904.jpg
Perry Fedora (Cadence)

 photo IMG_7054.jpg
Max as Powerline from A Goofy Movie (my sister)
In cast you need more:

 photo 945739_934903778512_1218543411_n.jpg
Tom Selleck from Meet the Robinsons (my sister)
Again, more:

And here are the clothes that my AMAZING friend Jamie made for the little ones:

 photo IMG_7154.jpg
Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Dress

 photo IMG_7101.jpg
Snow White Tunic (it will have yellow leggings under it)

 photo IMG_7159-1.jpg   photo IMG_7105.jpg
Minnie Mouse Pillowcase Dresses

And last, the other clothes:

 photo IMG_7098.jpg
The new nightgown Aunt Sarah bought. It's "Roar-Ra!!" and she is VERY excited to have it!

 photo IMG_6939.jpg   photo IMG_6945-1.jpg
Snow White and Cinderella from MamMaw

I have more tshirts coming, plus Ariel Rompers and an adorable Alice dress! I can't wait, and will have those pictures up soon. 39 days to go!!


My Disney Obsession

Ok, I admit it. I'm obsessed.

There, happy? I said it. I don't just like Disney. I ADORE Disney. I just like vacations there. I obsessively count down to the and plan out all the details. I don't just go visit the parks. I visit, have outfits for my kids, and know all the new attractions that are open. And I will admit that this trip is no different. So far our schedule is as follows:

Drive to Orlando, spend the night somewhere offsite. Hoping to get there by 7pm or so, but no clue if it will actually happen with three small children.

Check in to Coronado Springs, and hopefully be in Magic Kingdom by 10am.
Take Maddie to get her first haircut at 1 at Harmony Barber Shop, Sarah and Aimee will take the two big ones to become Mermaids or Pirates at the Pirates League.
Dinner that night at Chef Mickey's

Breakfast with Alice and Mary Poppins at 1900 Park Fare
Animal Kingdom until it closes
Probably either the Boardwalk, Downtown Disney, Polynesian to watch the Electrical Water Pageant, or a movie at one of the outdoor movie areas that night.

Hollywood Studios with Sarah and Aimee until they have to leave
Lunch at Mama Melrose
Either hang out at Hollywood Studios awhile longer, or do one of the after hour things above. Maybe the pool at Coronado Springs

Epcot all day, with dinner at Teppan Edo

Whichever park the girls want to revisit, and dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe. I'm sure we'll spend time looking around Wilderness Lodge while we're there.

Whichever park the girls want to visit for one final hurrah, then head home.
Listen to fighting and disappointment for 12 hours. Probably cry.

Since we'll have little ones, I've tried to make sure there is downtime in there. I've also intentionally not done park hoppers this trip because it makes us have to pick a place and stay, and because (per Mike) I'm trying not to over plan us. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I can't plan outfits and car ride activities and make pillowcases for autographs and whatever else my little heart desires!! More on those projects to come!