More shirts finished

My sister came up Friday night, and we were able to knock out a few more shirts. We got her Deathly Hallows/Mickey shirt and Snow White finished, the Castle and Loki for Aimee, and a "MINE! MINE!" seagulls from Nemo for Maddie. I still have to do Lego Princess Leia, Merida and Belle for Cadence, a Jr Woodchuck for Sarah, Robin Hood and Peter Pan for Aimee, and if I get everything else done, Mickey ears for me and Aristocats and Extract of Llama for Amelia. Not sure that I'll get everything finished, but we're going to try. 28 days to go!

Deathly Hallows
 photo IMG_7330.jpg

Snow White
 photo snowwhite.jpg

 photo castle-1.jpg

 photo IMG_7331.jpg

MINE! Seagulls
 photo e.jpg

and being modeled by the cutest 14 month old around!
 photo maddiemine.jpg


Kahla said...

I'm sensing an intervention down the road! In all seriousness, I love the Mine one, sooooo cute!

Myrannda said...

I got her "my first trip" pillowcase almost finished today (need Jamie to add the yellow ribbon), and am debating on if I'm going to do another one or two before I head to bed. I'm definitely in need of an intervention!

BP Merewether said...

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