Summer is over

Tonight we got to meet Cadence's 3rd grade teacher, and she had her Girl Scout pinning ceremony as well. I love her teacher, and I know that this year will be wonderful. Cadence was in true form when we met her, but hopefully we didn't scare her away too bad. ;)

The pinning ceremony was wonderful, and all the girls did so well. My favorite part was when they asked Cadence what her favorite thing about Girl Scouts this year was, and her response was "Making the world a better place!" I swear that child will be an actress or Miss America one day! Her troop leader also got her name wrong during the introduction, which I found very funny since her daughter and Cadence are great friends! Here are the pictures from tonight, and I can't believe that she's about to start her third year of Girl Scouts!

 photo 1006012_10151804109385797_541107710_n.jpg

 photo 1098241_10151804109515797_1554772717_n.jpg

 photo 999160_10151804109630797_273271060_n.jpg

 photo 521906_10151804130665797_906741139_n.jpg
This is when Miss Tricia forgot her name

 photo 556717_10151804129960797_402116165_n.jpg
but she recovered quickly!

 photo 971403_10151804131820797_780422660_n.jpg
I loved Making the World a Better Place!

 photo 560065_10151804138845797_1200661603_n.jpg

 photo 1148921_10151804139020797_437797488_n.jpg

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