6 months ago...

One of the cutest babies ever entered the world! I can’t believe she’s six months old already. She has truly been a blessing to all of us, and has each and every person she meets completely wrapped around her finger. I think I’m still her favorite at the moment (but only because I feed her!), but Big Sissie and Daddy are definitely high on the list!

She’s now sitting up on her own, wants to crawl so bad, and has discovered the joys of real food! The food issue is both good and bad for me: Good, because I haven’t found anything she doesn’t like, and it helps with the pumping since she is still nursing. Bad, though, because if she sees food, she expects you to give it to her, and gets mad if you don’t!

She still loves a bath, sleeps well most of the time (average is bed at 10 and sleep until 5am), and is extremely ticklish. She also loves to be carried, and is happy to just hang out. She doesn’t talk a lot, but is very observant of everything around her. She giggles, but I have a feeling her first words will come much later than 7 months when Cadence’s did.

She’s such a happy baby, and it amazes me that she’s growing so quickly!!