Comcast. Oh, Comcast.

We’ve had cable and internet service with Comcast for three or four years now, and if you had asked me before a few months ago, I would have told you that they were great, I loved the dvr, and we didn’t have any issues. Then, they changed to Xfinity. That’s when all the problems started. They changed all the menus and dvr settings, and now it’s a lot harder to find shows. Plus, even if you have something set to record, there’s no guarantee it will actually record. I can’t tell you how many episodes of things we’ve had to go find either online or on OnDemand because the dvr didn’t record like it said it was going to. Those issues are annoying, but it didn’t really seem worth going through their extensive automated process to complain. Then, the internet started acting up.

Now, Mike loves World of Warcraft (WoW for short.) He’s always on the computer playing, and gets really upset when the internet service we’re paying for starts cutting out. About a month to a month and a half ago, it would get so slow and bogged down at night, that he wasn’t able to play, I couldn’t use the wireless to look at anything online, and you could hang up trying to use Netflix. We called quite a few times, and every time we called in we were told that the signal was fine, reset the modem and it should clear the problem up. Every time the problem would come back just as bad. On one call they actually told him that the reason it was running slow was because we hadn’t paid the bill yet (it was just now due), and that as soon as we paid it, it would start running faster again. Mike laughed at him, and a friend asked us if they had some twist ties, and tightened them down to stop the internets from coming into our house as fast. Finally Mike got them to send a tech out to look at it, but I was the only one that could be there during the time he was scheduled to come.

The tech came and was very nice, and told me that we had two lines running into the house and one had stronger signal strength. It just so happened that the one we were plugged into wasn’t the “good” line. He swapped things around and got ready to leave, and I asked him point blank if there was anything I needed to sign or a charge or anything before he left. He assured me that no, it was all fine, and left. That night, the signal was as bad or worse as in the past, and Mike was furious.

A few days later, I came home from work to a cable box that was in an infinite reboot cycle. It would be on and working for about 10 minutes, then reboot itself and say it was downloading stuff. After about 5-10 minutes it would come back on and start working fine. Then 10 minutes later, the entire cycle started over again. I had stuff to do that night, so we left it alone, thinking it would work itself out. By the time I got home from work the next day, it was still doing it. I called in, the guy tried to get it to stop and couldn’t, so I was told to take it in the next morning and swap it for a new box. We got the new box home and it seemed to be working fine.

I went online to pay our bill over the next few days, and I noticed there was a $40 charge on there. I called and asked, and it turns out it’s because the tech came out to our house and swapped our cables around. I told them that he told me there wasn’t a charge, and thankfully they said they would put in to have it removed. Mike called back when he got home that night and complained that we had the cable issue, the internet still wasn’t working correctly, and now we have this issue with the charges. They were very nice on the phone, and had another tech come out between 5 and 7 at night (our internet problems usually start about 7 or so.)

That tech came out, and actually saw the issues we were having. He agreed that there was a problem, but basically told us there was nothing they could do. The system was overloaded, and until they upgraded, we were screwed. The next day he tried calling AT&T to see what service would cost with them, but had to wait until Monday before they were open. We tried back this past Monday, and he was put on infinite hold with them. Also, I came home Monday afternoon and our brand new cable box was in a reboot cycle. We called, spent over an hour trying to get someone on the phone with me, then he told me how to force it to reboot and said “We can send a tech out.” We set up the tech appointment for today, I asked to talk to a Customer Service Account Executive, and they had one call me back. Mike talked the the account executive, then sent an email to the Vice President of Consumer Operations. He told them about all the issues we’ve been having, how frustrated we are, and made a point to tell them that if he hadn’t been on infinite hold, we’d be with AT&T now.

The cable box finally worked out whatever it’s issue was, but the internet is now the worst it’s ever been. He was told by the account executive to take screenshots of the program he used to determine the speeds and packet loss, so we have about 10 of them on his computer, waiting on the tech to get there between 3 and 5 today. We also got a response back from the VP’s office, basically telling us if we aren’t fully satisfied after the tech leaves today, contact them again, and they’ll take care of it out of their office. Also, they’d be more than happy to issue a credit to our account because of the issues.

As of right now, we have crappy internet, a cable box that may or may not work at any given time, an extra $45 in fees on our bill ($40 for the first tech visit - which they still haven’t removed - and $5 in late fees because we haven’t paid the most recent bill that’s due because of the issues.) Mike is taking off work today to be there between 3 and 5 when the tech is supposed to arrive, and I’m curious to see what happens after this is all over. We can’t get UVerse here, and AT&T’s internet is WAY slower than what we are supposed to have with Comcast. However, if it means we actually HAVE internet service, it may be worth it to swap. It should be an interesting afternoon.


8 Months Old

How did this happen? Wasn't I just at the hospital having her? Or on maternity leave, holding that tiny little baby that refused to get any bigger? How can she possibly be trying to walk and talk and eating real food? How is she big enough to be sitting up in chairs, playing with her big sister? That's impossible! I do believe this has been the fastest 8 months ever!

From this...


To This...




I'm not sure who is more upset

My mom's church is having VBS this week, and Cadence left with them last night to go spend a week with MamMaw, Aunt Sarah and possibly, Aunt Cecily (if she ever decides to come home from Florida!) I think this is the first time Cadence has been away from Amelia for more than a night or two, and she was getting emotional last night. And during the day yesterday, she kept going back and forth on whether she wanted to go or not, and it had nothing to do with me or her dad. She did decide to go, but last night when she called, she made me promise that I'd tell Amelia that she loved her as soon as she woke up.

Amelia seemed fine last night, but was acting a little weird this morning, and I'm sure will be even weirder this afternoon. She adores her big sissy, and plays with her all the time. Usually, they are attached to each other, so it's going to be so weird only having one with me for the week. I know it's going to be weird for them, too. Hopefully it will go quickly - for all of us.

Things I'm thankful for:
1) That my girls adore each other
2) That Cadence is so loving to her sister, even when she's not to anyone else
3) Family that's close and doesn't mind kiddos for a week
4) A church that loves Cadence just as much as they love my mom and sisters, and consider her family, too.
5) Time to spend just with Amelia


New name, anyone?

Yesterday Cadence came up to me and asked if she could change her name when she got older. Me, being slightly offended because I helped pick out her name, told her sure and asked why. She informed me that she wants to be named Jem. Apparently my daughter thinks she's truly truly truly outrageous.


My favorite place EVAH!!

And that place would be Disney! Cadence has been to Magic Kingdom three times in the last 3.5 years, and Amelia has already been once. And now that I'm wanting to run the Expedition Everest Challenge in May, we're discussing it again and who all will be going. I've already decided not to take Amelia, just because it's going to be such a rushed weekend. I'm not sure yet if Mike and Cadence are going to go and cheer us on, but Momma is thinking about it. If Momma goes, I'll probably at least bring Cadence, because I know she'd love it.

I'm so excited, and I know it's because whenever we go, it's always magical. Every. Single. Time. The first trip in recent history was 8 days, the next was (I think) 6 days, and then last month we did Magic Kingdom in one day, and two days at Downtown Disney. Right now Disney is doing their "Let The Memories Begin" campaign, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites - the reasons that I adore that place, and can't wait until my next trip.

September 2007 - Cadence was almost 3
  • While waiting on our friends at the restaurant in the Grand Floridian, Cadence was sitting at the table in her Snow White dress, coloring away. One of the waitresses walked by and commented out loud (and very excitedly) "Oh, they didn't tell us that Snow White would be visiting today!!" Cadence's head shot up, and she goes "Snow White?? Where????" The waitress looked at her and said she was Snow White. Cadence rolled her eyes and commented "I not Snow White. I Cadence!" and went right back to coloring.
  • When we first turned the corner on Main Street USA and Cadence got to see Cinderella's Castle for the first time. She got so excited she couldn't talk, and whispered to me "There's Cinda-elwa's Castle!!" Yes, I cried.
  • She loved the tea cups, and always asked for them to go faster and faster. When she saw Splash Mountain, she was SO excited, then almost started crying when she was too short and they wouldn't let her ride it.
  • She was able to eat with JoJo and Goliath - her most favoritest person at the time.
  • This is the trip that started her love of all things Princess. My friend Cathy had brought princess dresses for her daughter to wear, and let Cadence share them. She wouldn't take them off for the entire trip, and hasn't stopped since.
  • Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique. Oh. Em. Gee. That place is amazing, and every princess's dream!
  • On this trip I got to meet some awesome online friends in person. We had talked forever online, but had never met. This vacation was a first for all of us - and in the most magical place in the world, too!



September 2009 - Cadence was almost 5
  • When we went to meet Mulan, we got there before she was in her spot and ready. We saw her walking by, and Cadence was SO excited. The Photopass Photographer could have easily told us "Hey, she's heading over there. Walk over there and start the line." but they didn't. Instead, Mulan walked up to Cadence, grabbed her hand, and walked her to the spot - talking to her the entire time like they had been best friends forever. It was amazing.
Showing Mulan her "medals"
  • We had gotten the magic fairy wing pictures taken while waiting to see Tinkerbell, but I saw that night that Cadence's weren't on our Photopass card, but Aubren's (my cousin's girl who was with us) were. The next day, while in Hollywood Studios, I asked them to help me try and find them, and the girl spent at least half an hour trying to locate those pictures for me. We never did find them, so she made a call over to Magic Kingdom, and they made arrangements for Cadence and I to skip the line and get our picture retaken the next day when we were back over there so that both girls would have fairy wing pictures.
  • The stepsisters from Cinderella. They were amazing, and definitely worth the wait to see. Awesome, awesome, awesome!
With the Ugly Step-sisters and Lady Tremaine
  • While getting dolled up at Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique, Cadence kept sticking her tongue out and being snotty. I think the Fairy Godmother In Training could tell I was getting upset with her because she leaned down and goes "Oh, no, no, no!! Princesses don't EVER stick their tongues out, because that's just rude! Instead, they do this:" and she held her hand up in front of her face so that I couldn't see her sticking out her tongue. I started laughing, and Cadence thought it was great because she was getting away with something. God bless that Fairy Godmother!
During Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique
May 2011 - Cadence was 6.5, and Amelia was 7 months
  • At Downtown Disney, one of the Castmembers had a pin Cadence wanted to trade for. He was handing out maps to people, so made her work and hand out the maps for him so he could get the pin off. He then gave her a hard time about how she wasn't do her job correctly, and picked on her about the pins. It was all pretty funny to watch
  • At the Christmas store at Downtown Disney, Cadence found someone with a ladybug pin. Since we call Amelia "Millie Bug" and have lots of ladybug things for her, I told Cadence we had to get that one for Amelia. The Castmember (an older man, probably old enough to be my grandfather) smiled at Cadence, too the pin off, and said "Here, you can have it! You don't owe me anything for it!" She was so excited to have the pin, and thanked him multiple times.
  • When we got to see Rapunzel, Cadence was thrilled to show her the Rapunzel Barbie doll she has. Rapunzel got excited, then grabbed her doll by the hair and spun her around in circles screaming "It's the BEST. DAY. EVER!!!!" At the same time, Flynn kept giving Amelia "The Smolder" (which, we discovered, she's immune to.) 
And what's crazy, is I know this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the memories we have. I have loved each and every trip I've taken, and Disney does such an awesome job making every day magical. The countdown has begun for the next trip, and I can't wait to have more memories!!

    She's decided she wants to be iCarley

    When I went to get a shower the other day, I came back to find this on my phone. She says she wants to have a web show like iCarley, and even asked to make sure I'd "put it up on Facebook." These are the first three parts, but there were 10 total.

    I think one of my favorite parts is the end of video 3: "Now we're going to turn it off. Sorry all you people who love me, but buh bye!"
    Things I'm thankful for:
    1) My super creative daughter
    2) Cell phones with video
    3) That my girls love each other
    4) Mike's new job
    5) It's almost the weekend...


    My newest adventure


    I’ve started running again, which has actually gone better than I thought. I stopped last April while pregnant with Amelia, and am now on week two of starting back. To give me some motivation, Sarah and I have decided we’re going to do the Expedition Everest Challenge at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in May 2012. It’s a 5K, obstacle course and scavenger hunt, and ends with an after hours party in Animal Kingdom. I’m so excited about this!! I’m already starting to save up (this probably won’t be a cheap weekend trip, especially with airfare), and Mike is still debating on if him and Cadence are going to come and cheer me on.

    So far, Sarah is running/walking the 3.1 miles when she works out, but not at a fast enough pace. I’m at a fast enough pace, but not doing 3.1 miles yet (closer to 2.) Thankfully we still have almost a year, and we plan on doing a few 5Ks around here before then. I’m hoping my first will be on my birthday - July 16. And as they say on the RunDisney website - I can run! I can run! I can run!!

    An update!

    There are so many things I haven’t posted about, so I’m going to try and do it quickly. The last six months have gone SO fast, and it’s all kind of a blur. Hopefully this will help me remember some of this later on down the road!

    Christmas!!! Amelia was completely unconcerned, but Cadence loved it, and was a huge help with opening all Amelia’s gifts. We also got to see tons of family, and Santa (of course!)

    Cadence got her hair cut, and looks SO grown now! And Amelia started laughing! Full blown belly laughs, and they are awesome!

    Snow and King cake!! Mardi Gras was early, and we had two or three king cakes at work during the season. We also got some snow. Not a ton, but it was still fun! Amelia also tried out the swing for the first time, and seems to love it!

    We attended the St. Paddy’s Day parade, and were all decked out in green. That weekend was also the first trip in the Jeep with the windows out for Amelia. I was also accused of hitting someone in the parking lot at work (I swear, I didn’t do it!), and that case is STILL open. At least the insurance company believes me!

    Amelia is sitting! And Cadence is still being the most awesome big sister ever. She adores her baby sister, and helps me take care of her all the time. It’s so sweet to watch. We made our first trip with Amelia that was over an hour. It was...interesting. We went to Memphis to visit Daddy and Debbie, and she was ok through most of the 3 hour drive there. However, she screamed all the way home. I was never so happy to get out of the car, and it didn’t give me hope for the trip to Houston just a few weeks later. The trip to Houston was fun, but way too short. The seven hour trip took us 8 hours going, and 10 coming home. Amelia was good until it started getting dark outside. When it’s bedtime, she wants to be in her bed! Also, Amelia’s first Easter!

    The girls and I went to Florida to see Daddy and Debbie, and were able to go to Disney with Debbie for her first trip! We only spent one day at Magic Kingdom, but I adore that place! Also, Cadence is officially a first grader, and Amelia started crawling!

    And now June is here. The biggest news is that Mike has started a new job. He’s now working at CarMax, and is getting settled in. I hope he likes it, and I can’t wait to get the first full paycheck! Amelia recently got her first tooth, and Cadence was a flower girl in a friend’s daughter’s wedding. She looked so pretty (the bride and Cadence!) She is also swimming, and has loved getting to go to the pool three days a week with the babysitter.

    It’s been eventful, but oh so much fun!!