Busy, Busy, Busy!

So things have been extremely busy around here lately. Hubby's mom and dad recently moved into a new house (which is gorgeous, btw) and since they bought new appliances, offered to give us their old ones. Our stove still works, but not great, our dishwasher completely washes about half the time, and our fridge is huge, mustard yellow and was last made in 1968 (the thing's older than I am!) So needless to say, I'm EXTREMELY excited about the "new" appliances.

When we found out we were getting them, I told Hubby that the only thing that would make me happier was if we were getting rid of the nasty linoleum floor that was in there. Which then led to not liking the cabinets or the wall color. So, our kitchen is now in the process of being transformed from nasty white floor, light wood cabinets and sage green walls to new terracotta colored ceramic tile floor, bright blue walls and chocolate brown cabinets. I'll make sure to post before and after pictures.

Also, I've been swamped at work, have another freelance project I'm working on (my first international one!), have started The Firm videos, and we're getting ready for Disney - we leave in 16 days! I'll try to post some more before we leave, but if not, I promise there will be lots of pictures from our trip!


OMG! What a workout!

One of the girls on the board I'm on is very into The Firm workouts. So into them in fact that she is in the latest infomercial. She has gotten a lot of the girls on the board to try different videos, and every one of them has been very pleased with them. A few have even commented on how they really don't get bored with them, even though they normally don't make it more than a week or so with a workout video - and they have been doing them for 3+ months. Since I was given an Amazon gift certificate, I decided to order one of the workouts thinking that it definitely couldn't hurt.

It came in the mail on Friday, but today was the first chance I've had to put it in. I ordered The Firm Bootcamp: Maximum Calorie Burn. I stuck it in the dvd player, and like a dummy decided to try it in what I had on - jeans, a knit top and no shoes. No other workout I've ever used has been that bad, and I didn't think this one would either.


This workout is BRUTAL! None of the moves are hard - actually they are all very easy. But this video hits the ground running! By the 5 minute mark I was sweating, by 12 minutes I was panting, and by 20 minutes I had to quit. Turns out it's a 52 minute video, so I have a ways to go before I can complete the entire thing at once. And omg do my abs hurt!! I'm going to be SO sore tomorrow. It claims you'll see results in 10 workouts, and I could definitely see how that could happen. I might have to measure myself tonight to see if there really is a difference in 10 workouts. My goal is to get all 10 in before we go to Disney (26 days), so The Firm and I will become great friends over the next 3.5 weeks. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.


No More Nookie!!!

Not *that* kind of nookie, you dirty minded person, you. ;) Wee One calls her pacifier a nookie, and I think we’re finally rid of it. I realized today that it’s been over a week since she’s asked for it - which is great since she’s been without it for a month and a half. For at least a month after we took it away, she still asked for it daily. It started as multiple times a day, then just once or twice a day, then just when she was cranky or stalling bedtime (which was pretty much every night.) Finally we told her that nookies are for babies and she’s a big girl now. And since she’s a big girl, she gets to go eat with Cinderella. And babies don’t get to go eat with Cinderella. So from then on if she asked for it, we’d ask her if she was a baby. Her response was always “no, no, Momma. I a big girl and I go eat with Cinderella.” She still asked for it for over a week, but it hit me today that she’s no longer asking for it. Now if we can just convince her that Cinderella wants her to use the potty I think we’d have it made.


Did you know....

... That when we go to see Cinderella, we’re going to fly in a purple airplane?
... when you eat something, it doesn’t go into your tummy. NOOOO! It goes into your tongue!
... that everything tastes better with either applesauce or yogurt on it - even french fries and chicken nuggets?
... that the cubed turkey that comes in Lunchables packs is called “jelly bean turkey” (as opposed to sliced deli turkey)
... Wee One *is not* a princess - she is a GIRL!!!
... even though she’s not a princess, wearing a tinkerbell costume, Cinderella shoes and a Snow White crown is the height of fashion
... I’m not sure who is more excited about our upcoming trip to Disney - me or her!!

Turns out we only have 31 days to go! I can’t hardly stand it I’m so excited. I have a huge list of things still to do before we leave, and an even longer list of things to remember to pack, but I know it will be worth it. Now if it would only get here, I’d be fine! :D