Busy, Busy, Busy!

So things have been extremely busy around here lately. Hubby's mom and dad recently moved into a new house (which is gorgeous, btw) and since they bought new appliances, offered to give us their old ones. Our stove still works, but not great, our dishwasher completely washes about half the time, and our fridge is huge, mustard yellow and was last made in 1968 (the thing's older than I am!) So needless to say, I'm EXTREMELY excited about the "new" appliances.

When we found out we were getting them, I told Hubby that the only thing that would make me happier was if we were getting rid of the nasty linoleum floor that was in there. Which then led to not liking the cabinets or the wall color. So, our kitchen is now in the process of being transformed from nasty white floor, light wood cabinets and sage green walls to new terracotta colored ceramic tile floor, bright blue walls and chocolate brown cabinets. I'll make sure to post before and after pictures.

Also, I've been swamped at work, have another freelance project I'm working on (my first international one!), have started The Firm videos, and we're getting ready for Disney - we leave in 16 days! I'll try to post some more before we leave, but if not, I promise there will be lots of pictures from our trip!

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Kahla said...

I am sooo jealous of that whole Disney thing! Can't wait to see pics!!!!!