No More Nookie!!!

Not *that* kind of nookie, you dirty minded person, you. ;) Wee One calls her pacifier a nookie, and I think we’re finally rid of it. I realized today that it’s been over a week since she’s asked for it - which is great since she’s been without it for a month and a half. For at least a month after we took it away, she still asked for it daily. It started as multiple times a day, then just once or twice a day, then just when she was cranky or stalling bedtime (which was pretty much every night.) Finally we told her that nookies are for babies and she’s a big girl now. And since she’s a big girl, she gets to go eat with Cinderella. And babies don’t get to go eat with Cinderella. So from then on if she asked for it, we’d ask her if she was a baby. Her response was always “no, no, Momma. I a big girl and I go eat with Cinderella.” She still asked for it for over a week, but it hit me today that she’s no longer asking for it. Now if we can just convince her that Cinderella wants her to use the potty I think we’d have it made.

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