Did you know....

... That when we go to see Cinderella, we’re going to fly in a purple airplane?
... when you eat something, it doesn’t go into your tummy. NOOOO! It goes into your tongue!
... that everything tastes better with either applesauce or yogurt on it - even french fries and chicken nuggets?
... that the cubed turkey that comes in Lunchables packs is called “jelly bean turkey” (as opposed to sliced deli turkey)
... Wee One *is not* a princess - she is a GIRL!!!
... even though she’s not a princess, wearing a tinkerbell costume, Cinderella shoes and a Snow White crown is the height of fashion
... I’m not sure who is more excited about our upcoming trip to Disney - me or her!!

Turns out we only have 31 days to go! I can’t hardly stand it I’m so excited. I have a huge list of things still to do before we leave, and an even longer list of things to remember to pack, but I know it will be worth it. Now if it would only get here, I’d be fine! :D

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