The MS Gulf Coast - in pictures

These were taken this past weekend in the Biloxi/Gulfport area


The coast - A year and a half later

Hubby and I had a nice little getaway this past weekend. We went to Gulfport/Biloxi to meet a couple that he plays WoW with. They were very nice people, and I enjoyed meeting them - even if we didn’t have a whole lot in common. I also now know that I will NEVER beg hubby to come to any board gathering with me. I felt very out of place most of the time, because he *knows* these people - literally the only thing left was for him to meet them face-to-face. He plays WoW with them, talks on teamspeak with them, and even has their cell numbers. I, however, didn’t know them and didn’t know much about them at all.Every time they’d get to talking about the game or other people they played with I felt left out, and I really didn’t know what to expect going into this. Needless to say, if I meet other people from my board (which I know I will eventually) I won’t be upset if he doesn’t want to come.

Other than the uncomfortableness, I had a great time. It was nice to be away just the two of us, Hubby loved the whirlpool tub and I think would have taken it home instead of me if he could have found a way to get it out of the room, and I’m glad I had a chance to see Gulfport and Biloxi since Katrina.

The place is so heartbreaking. It’s been a year and a half, and while I know it looks better than it did in the days following Katrina, it’s still awful. On 49 in Gulfport things look pretty much back to normal. Most of the businesses are open again, and life is going on like it should. However, when you get to 90 and drive it along the beach, it’s like being in a different world. There are no gas stations, hotels or major restaurants. No souvenir shops. No gorgeous old homes. Everything is gone. They are rebuilding some, but you would never guess it’s been a year and a half. On 90 in Biloxi we saw a Wendy’s and a Waffle House that were open, a few brand new apartments, and the casinos. That’s it. At the other end of 90, there isn’t anything. People are starting to rebuild their houses, but there aren’t any businesses open at that end. And the bridge is closed on both ends. At the Isle of Capri you have to turn around because you drive into water if you don’t, and if you want to get past (I think) Bay St. Louis and Waveland, you have to take a ferry. There is no other way to get out.

The VA hospital? Destroyed. William Carey University? Building have been gutted. Beauvoir? No longer exist. It’s so unbelievable. And while I know that New Orleans suffered a lot of damage, this is a major sore spot for me. City officials in New Orleans have known for years that the levis were unstable. It wasn’t Katrina that harmed New Orleans - it was Lake Ponchatrain flooding and the levies not being able to hold the water like they were supposed to. The problems in New Orleans could have - and should have - been prevented. However, in Biloxi, Gulfport, Pass Christian, Long Beach, Ocean Springs, Waveland, Bay St. Louis and every other small Gulf coast town that no longer exist as of a year and a half ago, what happened there was unpreventible. So yes, New Orleans did suffer losses, and what happened to them was tragic. Preventable, but tragic. However, on Mississippi’s coast - the state that no one remembers, and that you never hear anything about - there are still people living in FEMA trailers beside a slab with their house number spray painted on it, because that’s all Katrina left of their entire world. Historical landmarks are gone. Not flooded, not damaged - completely gone. Nothing left. No sign of the majesty that once was. So please, I beg of you to remember the ENTIRE Gulf Coast - specifically all those tiny cities along the Mississippi coast, but the ones in Alabama and Louisiana as well. New Orleans is coming back better than ever. Mississippi still has a long way to go.

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You know, I just love it when people get what they had coming to them. It makes my day - esp when It’s something I wanted to say/do and couldn’t for whatever reason.

As soon as I walked in the door this morning, the salespeople stopped me to complain about the cover to the Senior Lifestyles tab that we ran this week. It was definitely not a normal cover, but I thought it was nice, and so did the other designer. And I think I have fairly good tastes about this kind of thing - the last tab cover that I liked that they actually used won first place in the statewide Press Association contest. So we got told that it “looks like shit,” “is too plain” and “the crappiest cover we’ve ever had.” I’m the one that designed it, so of course I’m getting a little upset about this. I was very polite to them, but was fuming when I left.

A little while later our boss comes through and they started in with him. The cover is awful, we should have done something better, it’s the worst cover yet, blah, blah, blah. My boss looked at the one leading the charge and said, “If you think you can do better, design one yourself and give it to them” and turned and walked away.

As Hubby and his WoW buddies would say, PWNED

And the utterly crappy cover:


Adventures in Potty Training ... and a new camera!

This weekend was interesting. Wee One and I went to my mom's for the weekend, and also spent time at my grandmother's. On Saturday night we were at my grandmother's, and since she doesn't have carpet in her home, we let Wee One wear her "Big Girl Panties" that night.

Pair One: JoJo's Circus
I put the first pair on her, and she lasted about 15 minutes before I saw that the entire back of her skirt was wet. Thankfully it didn't get all over the floor (her skirt soaked most of it up), but we had to go change her.

Pair Two: Dora
I put the second pair on her, and they had Dora on them. Less than half an hour after putting them on I noticed they were sagging - and this is with me asking to take her to the potty and her refusing. Yes, she pooped in these. I took her to the bathroom and changed her bottoms again, and told her this time that she pooped on Dora and tried to make her feel bad. When I told her that, she got all excited and started saying "I poo pooed on Dora!!" That's all we heard the rest of the night. She was so proud.

Pair Three: JoJo
Third pair was another one with JoJo, and she actually kept them on about an hour before she peed in them. However, she never told me she was wet - I just happened to notice it. Then when I told her that she wet them as well, I got told, "Momma, I poo poo on Dora and pee pee on JoJo." Yes, honey, you did.

I have no idea what we're going to do. If she completely doesn't care that she's wet or dirty, we're not going to get anywhere very fast. This might take awhile.

And the good news - I'm getting a new camera! My friend is selling me her Canon Digital Rebel because she is buying a newer one. I'm so excited!! I should get it next weekend, and it's good because I agreed to take pictures for someone's wedding in July. It will be nice to have a good camera to use!


Spring cleaning time!

You know, I didn't realize how much I could get done without Wee One around. I now get off at noon on Wednesdays, and today I came home and cleaned. I still have an hour until I have to go get her, and my living room and dining room are both clean and vacuumed, some broken toy boxes I had have been thrown away and the toys have new homes, I'm about to finish folding some laundry, and I should be able to get the playroom and/or her room clean before I have to go get her. I also have every window in the house open letting in the fresh air, I've febreezed the entire house, and I'm just so glad it's finally almost clean! It's amazing what happens when I have some time to do things without "help."

I have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on while I'm cleaning, and you know what I find most disturbing about this movie? It's not the crazy Tim Burton film style (I actually really like that), Johnny Depp's creepy demeanor, or the psychedelic Oompa Loompas (I like them MUCH better than the original ones!) It's the one scene where Veruca is being taken away by the squirrels and thrown down the garbage chute. And you know why I find it disturbing? Because her dad is just standing there staring as his daughter is attacked by squirrels and thrown, possibly, to the furnace. And I dont' think it's because he doesn't care - I think it's because he knows that she's a little brat, and is relieved that she's finally getting what she deserved. I know I'd be going nuts if that was happening to Wee One, but I wonder if I would act the same as him if my daughter was as spoiled and obnoxious as Veruca is. And that disturbs me.

Ok, off to finish my cleaning before I have to go pick her up.


Parties, talking and basketball

Well, we’re back from our trip to Houston. I love going out there to see family. I really don’t get to see them often enough, and wish we lived closer than 7 hours away. My youngest sister was a huge help on the drive there and back, and I loved getting to spend all weekend with her. She was a tremendous help with Wee One, and managed to keep me awake and alert on the drive there and back.

The birthday party was amazing. It was held at a place called Pump It Up, and had to have been the most fun I’ve had in a very long time. The place was full of huge inflatables, and they were even big enough for the adults to get into! Wee One and I had a blast going through everything there, and I was exhausted when we left. But for some strange reason, Wee One was still going strong - even after almost an hour and a half of playing. She stayed awake all the way back to my cousin’s house, and then I had to *make* her lay down with me to take a nap. It was unbelievable!

I also discovered this weekend that she talks a lot more than I thought she did. I love getting to see her with C (just turned two - 4 months after Wee One) and M (turned two in December - a month and a half after Wee One.) C doesn’t talk a lot. He *can* talk, and when he does it’s really clear, but he doesn’t say anything unless it’s important. He just isn’t a talker. M talks a lot, but most of it is repeating what others say. She’s clearer than Wee One, but doesn’t do as much spontaneous talking. Wee One, on the other hand, Talks. Non. Stop. She never shuts up. All the way to TX I heard “Momma, what color dis? IT’S WED!! Momma, what color dat truck? IT’S BWACK!! Momma, I see bawoons! Orange. Gween. Ellow. See bawoons Momma? BAWOONS!!! I see cwouds Momma! White cwouds! Up in de sky! The white cwouds up inde sky, Momma!” All the way there. The child would not stop talking! And she does this everywhere we go. She knows her colors, so she has to tell me the color of everything. And she knows her numbers, so she’s constantly counting everything she sees.It’s great, and I’m glad she picked up colors and numbers so quickly, but my goodness! Please stop!!

Hubby and I went to see 300 last night. It’s gory and violent, but a great movie. Filmed very well, the story was amazing, and the special effects were awesome. The only problem I had was that a couple brought their three small children in there, and they were probably about 3, 5 and 7. This was definitely not a movie for children. Lots of sex, nudity and violence, not to mention blood and battles and people getting pushed off cliffs and decapitated. I *might* would consider taking a 10-12 yr old to see it, but there’s no way I would take children as young as these. They were great during the movie - didn’t make a sound - but I knew they were there and felt so bad. I’m sure at least one of them was up last night with nightmares.

On a happier note, I found out that my middle sister is getting to go to the NCAA championships with the college team she’s a manager for. They are an extremely small school, and this is a huge accomplishment for them. I wish them and the men’s team the best of luck, and hope their winning streak continues!


Another roadtrip and bedtime prayers

I know that our baby sitter must think we take more vacations than anyone else. Since the first of the year Wee One and I (and a friend and her girls) have gone to Austin, TX to visit some friends; Hubby, Wee One and I went to Atlanta, GA to see my dad and step-mom; Wee One, my younger sister and I are going to Houston, TX this weekend to see some family, then in two weeks Hubby and I are going to Biloxi, MS for the weekend. Yes, we like to travel, and thankfully Wee One is wonderful in the car.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. My cousin's little boy turned two today, and his birthday party is this weekend. Now, this is one of my favorite cousins - one of my best friends. I was Maid of Honor in her wedding, and she was Matron of Honor in mine. I was born 3 days after she turned 4, and since that day I have been "hers" - and I truly wish we lived closer to each other because 6ish hours is way too far away. Anyway, her little boy turned 2 today, and I did the invitations for his birthday party this weekend. My "payment" for doing them is that she's going to help me with gas money so we can go to the party. I'm so excited, and I'm getting off work at noon on Friday. It's going to be so much fun!

Tonight Wee One was so sweet. We were saying her prayers, and when we got to the part where she gets to list everyone she wanted to pray for, she gave me all the usuals - Momma, Daddy, MamMaw, GiGi, etc, etc. Well, when it got to where she couldn't think of anyone else, she said Sissy (that's the baby sitter's chihuahua), Cinderella (her current favorite movie - she's a pwincess!), and her bear (meaning the musical bear that plays every night when she goes to sleep.) It was just so sweet to hear her praying for them, too, and I just about cracked up when she said Cinderella!


Stupid nurse and favorite shoes

I hate stupid people. I just really really hate them. And right now one of the stupidiest is a nurse at my doctor’s office. I was taken off my birth control pills in December for medical reasons, and called twice right after that happened to ask some questions about what to expect since I was taken off of them mid-pack. She acted like I was wasting her time by calling, and like I was an idiot for not knowing the answers to my questions. This is also the same woman who didn’t want to give me a copy of the procedures done at my yearly check-up so that I could submit it to Aflac because she didn’t see why I would need them. And also told me that my health insurance didn’t cover the visit so I’d have to pay (not true. They cover preventative visits 100% and have for years)

Today I called with a few other questions, and unfortunately she was the one that called me back. She started out nice enough, then spouted off some asinine comments that made me want to slap her. This woman knows nothing about me other than what is in my chart. She wasn’t even working there when I got pregnant with wee one, was induced because of PIH, or there when I came back for my 6 week check up and showed off my daughter. She wasn’t there when I had to go back and have a d&c done because my body screwed up on me. She wasn’t the one that answered the breastfeeding/medication questions during the 19 months I nursed my daughter, and she doesn’t know me from any other patient in there (unlike the other nurses). Yet she takes it upon herself to know what I want, and pretends to be my friend calling me honey the entire time. I’m the same flippin age as you. DO NOT call me honey. I can’t stand the woman, and am debating what the best course of action to take at the moment. Should I call my doctor and speak with him directly? Should I call the head nurse (whom I LOVE and is one of the main reasons I still go there) and speak to her about it? Should I just try to plan my appointments around the evil bitch so I don’t have to see her anymore? I just wish she would leave. I don’t go visit my doctor often (except the 9 months I was pregnant), but I still can’t stand her being there.

On a lighter note, I’m one hot momma today. I wore the red heels with this kinda lacy black shirt and some dark jeans to work today. I was also called a whore by one of my co-workers, and my boss told me if I ever got in trouble I could defend myself with my shoes. :D And this morning Wee One was helping me get dressed, brought me my shoes and said “Here Momma! It’s your babrite (favorite) red shoes!” I heard hubby behind us say “Yeah, they’re Daddy’s favorite red shoes, too.” Yep. It was a good morning.