Spring cleaning time!

You know, I didn't realize how much I could get done without Wee One around. I now get off at noon on Wednesdays, and today I came home and cleaned. I still have an hour until I have to go get her, and my living room and dining room are both clean and vacuumed, some broken toy boxes I had have been thrown away and the toys have new homes, I'm about to finish folding some laundry, and I should be able to get the playroom and/or her room clean before I have to go get her. I also have every window in the house open letting in the fresh air, I've febreezed the entire house, and I'm just so glad it's finally almost clean! It's amazing what happens when I have some time to do things without "help."

I have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on while I'm cleaning, and you know what I find most disturbing about this movie? It's not the crazy Tim Burton film style (I actually really like that), Johnny Depp's creepy demeanor, or the psychedelic Oompa Loompas (I like them MUCH better than the original ones!) It's the one scene where Veruca is being taken away by the squirrels and thrown down the garbage chute. And you know why I find it disturbing? Because her dad is just standing there staring as his daughter is attacked by squirrels and thrown, possibly, to the furnace. And I dont' think it's because he doesn't care - I think it's because he knows that she's a little brat, and is relieved that she's finally getting what she deserved. I know I'd be going nuts if that was happening to Wee One, but I wonder if I would act the same as him if my daughter was as spoiled and obnoxious as Veruca is. And that disturbs me.

Ok, off to finish my cleaning before I have to go pick her up.

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