Stupid nurse and favorite shoes

I hate stupid people. I just really really hate them. And right now one of the stupidiest is a nurse at my doctor’s office. I was taken off my birth control pills in December for medical reasons, and called twice right after that happened to ask some questions about what to expect since I was taken off of them mid-pack. She acted like I was wasting her time by calling, and like I was an idiot for not knowing the answers to my questions. This is also the same woman who didn’t want to give me a copy of the procedures done at my yearly check-up so that I could submit it to Aflac because she didn’t see why I would need them. And also told me that my health insurance didn’t cover the visit so I’d have to pay (not true. They cover preventative visits 100% and have for years)

Today I called with a few other questions, and unfortunately she was the one that called me back. She started out nice enough, then spouted off some asinine comments that made me want to slap her. This woman knows nothing about me other than what is in my chart. She wasn’t even working there when I got pregnant with wee one, was induced because of PIH, or there when I came back for my 6 week check up and showed off my daughter. She wasn’t there when I had to go back and have a d&c done because my body screwed up on me. She wasn’t the one that answered the breastfeeding/medication questions during the 19 months I nursed my daughter, and she doesn’t know me from any other patient in there (unlike the other nurses). Yet she takes it upon herself to know what I want, and pretends to be my friend calling me honey the entire time. I’m the same flippin age as you. DO NOT call me honey. I can’t stand the woman, and am debating what the best course of action to take at the moment. Should I call my doctor and speak with him directly? Should I call the head nurse (whom I LOVE and is one of the main reasons I still go there) and speak to her about it? Should I just try to plan my appointments around the evil bitch so I don’t have to see her anymore? I just wish she would leave. I don’t go visit my doctor often (except the 9 months I was pregnant), but I still can’t stand her being there.

On a lighter note, I’m one hot momma today. I wore the red heels with this kinda lacy black shirt and some dark jeans to work today. I was also called a whore by one of my co-workers, and my boss told me if I ever got in trouble I could defend myself with my shoes. :D And this morning Wee One was helping me get dressed, brought me my shoes and said “Here Momma! It’s your babrite (favorite) red shoes!” I heard hubby behind us say “Yeah, they’re Daddy’s favorite red shoes, too.” Yep. It was a good morning.

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