Adventures in Potty Training ... and a new camera!

This weekend was interesting. Wee One and I went to my mom's for the weekend, and also spent time at my grandmother's. On Saturday night we were at my grandmother's, and since she doesn't have carpet in her home, we let Wee One wear her "Big Girl Panties" that night.

Pair One: JoJo's Circus
I put the first pair on her, and she lasted about 15 minutes before I saw that the entire back of her skirt was wet. Thankfully it didn't get all over the floor (her skirt soaked most of it up), but we had to go change her.

Pair Two: Dora
I put the second pair on her, and they had Dora on them. Less than half an hour after putting them on I noticed they were sagging - and this is with me asking to take her to the potty and her refusing. Yes, she pooped in these. I took her to the bathroom and changed her bottoms again, and told her this time that she pooped on Dora and tried to make her feel bad. When I told her that, she got all excited and started saying "I poo pooed on Dora!!" That's all we heard the rest of the night. She was so proud.

Pair Three: JoJo
Third pair was another one with JoJo, and she actually kept them on about an hour before she peed in them. However, she never told me she was wet - I just happened to notice it. Then when I told her that she wet them as well, I got told, "Momma, I poo poo on Dora and pee pee on JoJo." Yes, honey, you did.

I have no idea what we're going to do. If she completely doesn't care that she's wet or dirty, we're not going to get anywhere very fast. This might take awhile.

And the good news - I'm getting a new camera! My friend is selling me her Canon Digital Rebel because she is buying a newer one. I'm so excited!! I should get it next weekend, and it's good because I agreed to take pictures for someone's wedding in July. It will be nice to have a good camera to use!


Kris said...

That is sooo cute! I guess she likes knowing she peed and pooed on Jo Jo and Dora! lol

And I'm so jealous! A new Rebel camera!!! How awesome is that!

sarahandscottsmommy said...

Oh, my friend just bought a rebel and I was so envious!! That's way too much camera for me though! Good luck with potty training!!