Good thoughts, please?

We've been wavering on the car issue since I found out I was pregnant. Three car seats won't fit in my car, and while they will fit in Mike's Cherokee, it's a 1993 model with 230,000 miles on it. However, both cars are paid off, and we really don't want and can't afford another car payment.

Yesterday, a 2004 Grand Cherokee Limited came in through wholesale at CarMax. It was owned by an older couple, has low miles, is fully loaded and will hold all three car seats (we tried them today.) The best part? After we trade my car in, it will cost us less than $4,000 to get it. Mike is getting it inspected on Monday, and if all that pans out ok, we're going to start the process of getting it. I'm really really really hoping it works out, because I would much rather drive it than Mike's Cherokee. And it would by far be the nicest vehicle I've ever owned! I mean, even the pedals adjust in this thing!! We should know something Monday, but please keep your fingers crossed!


It's cookie time!

Girl Scout cookies officially went on sale here on Saturday, and we already have 25 boxes ordered, and I know more are on the way (including about 10 from Mike and I.) Cadence has decided that she wants to sell 1500 boxes so she can get ALL the prizes, but I've convinced her to please knock her goal down to something smaller. We decided on 500 (which is still an awful lot of boxes!), and at that point it will give her the first electronic prize in the list - a portable dvd player. I don't know that we'll hit 500 (and don't know that I want to see 500 boxes of cookies at my house), but I guess we'll be trying.

No new news on the baby front. Still no name, and even more have been vetoed off the list (Violet, Mary James, Eliza Jean, Sophia/Sophie and Hannah.) The only name combos that I've actually gotten a maybe on are Alice Miranda and Mary Alice. Abigail, Madeline, Marissa and Felicity are also now on the maybe list, but with no middle names. She'll have a name eventually. I hope.

I've also hit the halfway point, and have gained a total of 6 lbs. Most days, if you didn't know me, you wouldn't know I was pregnant. I'm getting a little round in the middle, but my stomach seems to be stretched out really long. It's definitely not the "beach ball" look I had with Amelia. I've had three people since Friday comment on how small I am, and my response has been that she's apparently hiding and doesn't want anyone to know she's here. Heck, she didn't even want ME knowing for the first 14 weeks! Still not a lot of movement, but I feel her enough that I'm sure she's still ok. Right now we're just waiting.

Not much else is going on around here. I feel like all I do is cook, clean and start over again the other day. But, boring is good, and I'll take that any day.


Book 3/24: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

3) 11/22/63 by Stephen King
PhotobucketWow. That's about all I can say. It was long (about 850 pages), but so worth it. Basic story is that the main character finds a portal that sends him back in time, and he decides to try and stop the JFK assassination. During the course of the story, I really came to love him, and all the people he became associated with. I was also in tears by the end, and even though I wanted it to end differently, it really couldn't have. Also, it seemed to go very quickly - much more quickly than you would expect an 850 page book to go. I've read a few other of his books, and there were some I really think could have been a few 100 pages shorter and still had been awesome. However, I think this one could have kept going and I would have been just fine.

I loved it. I give it 5 books. 


A photo comparison

Here I am today, at 19 weeks, 5 days:


And this is me at 20 weeks with Amelia.
20 weeks, taken at 20w1d

I think I look more pregnant with Amelia, and still look slightly fat with this one. Amelia was also more out in front, and I had gained less weight in my face, arms, boobs and hips than I have this time around. It's crazy how different each pregnancy can be.


Sad, and about to be more stressed

Tonight, parents were asked to attend the girl scout meeting, and it was because the leader had mentioned to co-workers that we would be selling cookies soon, and she got an email back from one that said because of the situation in Colorado, they would no longer be supporting Girl Scouts, and wanted her to know why they wouldn't be buying any cookies.

In case you don't know, a 7 year old boy, who identifies everywhere as a girl (home, school, with family, everywhere), wanted to join Girl Scouts. This particular council decided that since this child identifies with everyone as a girl, as long as the dues were paid, they could join (and from further reading, I don't think they ever did, but could have). When Girl Scouts of the USA was asked, they basically said it was a council by council decision, and that if this child identifies as a girl and the troop/council was ok with it, then they would stand behind the council. People have since called for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies, and it has hit our troop as well.

On the subject of cookie boycotts, I just want everyone to know that any money made off of cookie sales stays with the local troop, and supports those girls. It never hits the national level, and doesn't support other councils and troops. Also, the girls decide what to do with the money they raise - our girls have decided to either plant flower gardens in front of habitat homes, or use the money to make the local parks more handicap accessible. So, when you boycott cookie sales, you're not affecting Girl Scouts of the USA at all - you're affecting the local troops. If you have problems with Girl Scouts as an organization, please take it up with them, and don't punish the local girls.

Now, on to the larger issue. Our troop leader was very conflicted about this story, and some other info she found out regarding Girl Scouts of the USA as an organization. Because of this, she decided to step down as the troop leader, and if no one steps up, the troop will have to be disbanded. Also, during her decision making, she decided to talk with her pastor, and he decided that Girl Scouts could no longer meet in the fellowship hall of the church. And out of the leader and 4 assistants, I know at least 2, maybe 3 will be leaving, and there will also be probably close to 8-10 girls leaving the troop as well.

I honestly can't fault any of them, because I completely understand having convictions and having to stay true to them. However, I also fail to see how this affects our troop, and how this is any different that any number of other situations that Cadence may be put into in the future. I know a lot of parents kept commenting that they didn't want to have to explain to their daughter about transgender or homosexual children/adults, and they were afraid this would bring those conversations up. Well, what if a transgender child showed up in your daughter's class? What if one of her friends mentions "Aunt John" (I have a friend who affectionately calls her brother that) and your daughter comes home asking about that? Or what if you're watching something on tv and a commercial comes on that deals with one of these issues, and your daughter asks questions (that has also already happened here)? Are you going to completely ignore it and pretend the question wasn't asked? I'm all for sheltering her as much as possible, and not having conversations that aren't needed, but I also don't see the point in completely avoiding controversial topics, especially when they are so widely discussed in the world around us.

Tonight, I agreed to step up as leader if one is needed (yes, even with baby girl #3 arriving in June), and I'm pretty sure that we will have a new meeting place by the next meeting. I hate that this is happening, but will be honest with Cadence with any questions that she has. I figure with as much Project Runway, Tabitha Takes Over, and other Bravo shows we watch, if she's not asking questions about sexuality by now, she probably doesn't care yet. And if she doesn't care, I'm not going to make a big deal out of it. The thing I'm upset about most is that she LOVES all of the girls in her troop, and if half of them leave, she's going to be really upset. I hope that it doesn't turn out to be as bad as what it seemed like tonight.

And on a happy note, if anyone wants to buy cookies, they go on sale January 21 (Saturday!) Please let me know if you want to order any, and if you live far away, please support your local troop. The girls will greatly appreciate it!


Poor Mike

We found out this week that Baby Girl #3 is on the way! Cadence was at the appointment with me, and is so excited about having another sister. I'm excited because it means that the only thing we need to buy baby girl is clothes since the seasons are different. We're also going to be spending money on furniture for Amelia's new room (and will be the baby's room, too, in the future), but we don't really need any baby things. That's a huge weight lifted off of me.

The name discussion is well underway, and we have a few things that haven't been vetoed completely. Of course, I suggested Vivian and Genevieve right off the bat, but he shot them down. I'm hoping to at least get Genevieve in the middle, but it's looking doubtful. Other suggestions that are still on the table are:

None are perfect - I'm scared Madeline will get turned into Maddie,  Alice and Abigail are really close to Amelia, Clara is close to Amelia's middle name, and Lucia doesn't sound that great with our last name. However, all are names that we are liking at the moment. Maybe we'll come to a conclusion soon.