Poor Mike

We found out this week that Baby Girl #3 is on the way! Cadence was at the appointment with me, and is so excited about having another sister. I'm excited because it means that the only thing we need to buy baby girl is clothes since the seasons are different. We're also going to be spending money on furniture for Amelia's new room (and will be the baby's room, too, in the future), but we don't really need any baby things. That's a huge weight lifted off of me.

The name discussion is well underway, and we have a few things that haven't been vetoed completely. Of course, I suggested Vivian and Genevieve right off the bat, but he shot them down. I'm hoping to at least get Genevieve in the middle, but it's looking doubtful. Other suggestions that are still on the table are:

None are perfect - I'm scared Madeline will get turned into Maddie,  Alice and Abigail are really close to Amelia, Clara is close to Amelia's middle name, and Lucia doesn't sound that great with our last name. However, all are names that we are liking at the moment. Maybe we'll come to a conclusion soon.


Kahla said...

Beth gives you and A,B, and C. ;o) Anything will be lovely. We almost used Abigail (which would be turned to Abbie), but it got so popular, so fast, we pulled it.

Lauren Greene said...

Woohoo! So excited that you're having Girl #3! Congrats!