Wee One's class went on a field trip to the Fire Department Museum today and hubby and I went went her. It was a lot of fun, and pretty educational, too. They really stressed fire safety (calling 911, stop, drop and roll, getting out of the house if the smoke alarm goes off, etc), let the kids practice stop, drop and roll, made them crawl through a hallway with (fake) smoke and let the slide down a fire pole. Then we went and saw all the old fire trucks (including a really cool steam one from 1904 - first truck in the city.), and they let them pretend to drive one and ring the bell. After that we went through the firemen's quarters, and then got to come home. She loved it, and it was crazy having about 60 kids and 45 adults crammed into this little bitty museum! Here are some pictures from today, and a bonus picture of her and her daddy (with his new longer hair.)

Ringing the bell