Some changes are coming!

Some pretty big changes are going on around our house, and I’m excited and a little scared!

1) Mike starts his new job tomorrow!
He is officially, as of about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, an employee of Cowboy Maloney’s. He was there for about 6 years, and thankfully they were all wonderful when he left. He was also told yesterday that he would never have to come begging for his job back - if he ever needed one, to just call. He was always welcome back.

His new job is going to have better pay, and better work hours (I hope), but it will be a longer commute. He’ll still have the same pay schedule, so bills won’t get interrupted at all (thankfully!) I really can’t wait for it all to get off the ground, and I really hope he’s happy there.

2) Wee One is READING!!!
I heard from her teacher last week that she finished a worksheet that required reading all by herself in class. She’s been trying to sound out words, and has known what sounds the letters make for awhile, but hasn’t *quite* been able to make those sounds turn into words. Something has finally clicked, and she’s SO excited. We’ve had to read a lot of Dr. Seuss lately, and I know that before long she’ll be reading them to me! I’m SO extremely proud of her!

Things will probably be a little crazy for the next month or so while we try to adjust to the new job situation, but hopefully it will continue to go well. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Things I learned during my first 5K...

  1. Running 3 miles with other people is MUCH harder than running 3 miles at the park across the street. Especially when that 3 miles includes the hills by LeFleurs Bluff.
  2. It's different when you don't have the option to go home at every half mile lap.
  3. "Don't try to keep up with the Jones'" also applies to running. If you normally run 13 minute miles on a good day, don't try to keep up with guy that finished the 5K in 17 minutes. It's not going to turn out well - for you, at least.
  4. The people that stand on the sides and cheer are saints and deserve medals. And to the guy that gave me the pep talk and high five as I turned back on to Lakeland, thank you! I'm not sure you realize how much I needed that!
  5. Power walkers are FAST! I won't comment on how many passed me!
  6. Runners are amazing people. The comments and encouragement I received from those that had already finished as I came in (and almost last, at that) was unbelievable.

I ended with a time of 40:38, and somewhere around 40 was my goal. It was definitely a sobering experience, but I'm so glad I did it!



We're home!! At the bottom is a slideshow of pictures from my camera, but this is no where near all. We have a ton still on the Photopass cd, and I plan on ordering it this weekend. We had a blast and got home about 2:30 am on Wednesday. I worked Wed afternoon, yesterday and today, and I can't wait for tomorrow so I can rest!! Wee One had a blast, and we have a ton of new toys, pictures and memories. We managed to meet every princess, we did the pin trading which was SO much fun, and had a blast riding all the rides. She rode Everest and Tower of Terror, and told me before she left that she wanted to try Everest again. Aunt Cecily corrupted her by teaching her to hold her hands in the air on the rides, and she was even doing it in Star Tours. We had so much fun, and she's already saying "When we go back to Disney..." and has a new list of things we HAVE to do.

I will definitely be doing the Halloween (or Christmas) party again if it's going on at the time we're there, and the Wonderland Tea Party is must. She LOVED it, and it was well worth the money. I would like to go back to Coral Reef just for the dessert, and there are a ton of places we didn't get to eat at this time that I'd like to try. I was only able to ride Toy Story Mania once, but loved it. I would love to go back and do it again. And Wee One LOVED the mountains - Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain - but Space Mountain was closed for refurbishment. I would love to do it with her.

I loved getting to go with my mom and sister, and I hope they had as good a time as I did. I already can't wait to get back, even though I'm glad for the sleep I'm getting now! ;)


Update on the party

We're her, and having a blast. Wee One has already filled one autograph book, and we've eaten at the Luau, with the princesses, and have Lilo and Stitch tomorrow. The Halloween party was last night, and we had SO much fun. We have a ton of pictures on the photopass card, and I can't wait to get them back so I can show them off.

We also did Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique today, and both girls picked the "Pop Diva" hairstyle, complete with rainbow hair. Definitely not what I would have picked, but very cute nonetheless. When we ate with the princesses tonight, mine was Belle and we also had Pochantas with us. They were both adorable, and they loved meeting Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora & Ariel. It was so much fun.

Tomorrow is Hollywood Studios, then maybe Downtown Disney after. We also have breakfast with Lilo and Stitch, so it will be a long day. I can't wait, though!!


3...2...1...Blast off!!!

Well, it’s time. We leave at midnight heading for Disney. I’m almost totally packed, have all but one thing finished at work (waiting on someone else before I can finish), the iPhone is charged and ready, and all I’m needing now is a nap!

Wee One is totally bouncing off the walls at the moment, and has been jumping around and singing Disney songs for days. She’s also insisting that she wants to ride Expedition Everest (“I want to see the Yeti!!!”), and if she does, I promise I’ll buy the picture! She’s within an inch of being tall enough barefoot, and with her princess shoes (which I know she’ll wear) it puts her right at the height limit. I’m hoping they’ll let her on (if she still wants to after seeing it in person), but she knows it’s a possibility that they won’t.

I pulled up some ride thrus on youtube the other day, and she really enjoyed watching them with me. She doesn’t remember a whole lot from last time, and wasn’t big enough to ride most of the rides then. It will be interesting to see how she does and what she remembers after this trip. After watching the ride thrus she still wants to ride Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain, is still a little iffy on Haunted Mansion, and isn’t going within 100 yards of Dinosaur. The ride through is what made her want to ride Everest, though, and she now can’t wait for Test Track.

I made a costume for the halloween party. Cecily says she’s going to have one, so I promised to have one as well. I made a tutu out of black and purple tulle, then added in silver and lime green ribbons. I also have a purple shirt with a black cat and lime green writing, and will wear them with black leggings and some black shoes. Should be different enough that you can tell I’m dressed up, but not looking like a “dirty pirate hooker” like everyone did last time. Here is the tutu, and don’t worry, there will be pictures of me in it as well. ;)


I’ll try to put up some pictures either here, facebook or twitter while we’re there, and I can promise there will be a ton when we get back. Just say a prayer that we make it there safely tonight and no one falls asleep while driving!

And as a bonus, Wee One as Queen Esther at church on Sunday. Have a great rest of the week!