Some changes are coming!

Some pretty big changes are going on around our house, and I’m excited and a little scared!

1) Mike starts his new job tomorrow!
He is officially, as of about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, an employee of Cowboy Maloney’s. He was there for about 6 years, and thankfully they were all wonderful when he left. He was also told yesterday that he would never have to come begging for his job back - if he ever needed one, to just call. He was always welcome back.

His new job is going to have better pay, and better work hours (I hope), but it will be a longer commute. He’ll still have the same pay schedule, so bills won’t get interrupted at all (thankfully!) I really can’t wait for it all to get off the ground, and I really hope he’s happy there.

2) Wee One is READING!!!
I heard from her teacher last week that she finished a worksheet that required reading all by herself in class. She’s been trying to sound out words, and has known what sounds the letters make for awhile, but hasn’t *quite* been able to make those sounds turn into words. Something has finally clicked, and she’s SO excited. We’ve had to read a lot of Dr. Seuss lately, and I know that before long she’ll be reading them to me! I’m SO extremely proud of her!

Things will probably be a little crazy for the next month or so while we try to adjust to the new job situation, but hopefully it will continue to go well. Keeping my fingers crossed!


Kahla said...

1st - I just realized I never called you back, I will try to remember to call after my appointment tomorrow... I'm sorry, it's been crazy!

2nd - woohoo on the 5K, you go girl!

3rd - yippee on the job, hope it's a smooth transition

4th - You go Wee One!!!!!!

Love ya'll!

robin said...

Awesome that she's reading!!! :) Congrats to Mike on his new 'old' job!