My daughter...

For the last few days, my daughter has definitely been herself. Here are just a few of the funny, quirky, and sometimes, downright insulting things she's said and done.

1. She has decided that she absolutely loves this one particular shirt. It's a plain gray shirt with LSU on it in purple. It's not girly, it's not pink, and it's not sparkly, but she loves it. She was at Momma's this weekend, and when she pulled it out of her suitcase, my mom said she hugged it and said "My momma packed my FAVORITE shirt!!!!" She wore it Sunday, Sunday night to bed, to school on Monday, argued when I washed it Monday night, to school Tuesday, changed into it after she went to bed Tuesday night, and then to school on Wednesday. She said she was going to wear it today for pj day because "I sleep in it!!!", but thankfully she wore an Ariel nightgown instead. The best part? Tuesday was school picture day and I forgot. She was wearing the LSU shirt, jeans with a hole in the knee, high pigtails and a sparkly headband. Very her, and very adorable. I'll try to get a picture up soon!

2. We were discussing Halloween on the way to school yesterday, and she told me that she wanted to be the Peanut Butter Jelly Time banana. I think she's already changed her mind, but it would have been awesome.

3. Today she got on to me for not running the past few mornings, and told me I had to so I could be "less fatter." Nice, huh?

4. And even better, she told me earlier in the week that I was "mushy, but that's ok, cause I like you being mushy." I hate to tell her, but I can't be mushy and less fatter at the same time. She's gonna hafta pick!

5. Yesterday she told me a story about chopping up a buffalo. It was both the funniest and most disturbing thing I've ever heard.

6. We were discussing birthday cakes, and I found an AWESOME Alice in Wonderland cake (that I probably couldn't make, but it was amazing) and this really cool Fancy Nancy cake. After showing them to her, she acted unimpressed and picked a totally different cake - a basic Barbie doll cake, only decorated like Ariel. I really think she was reading CakeWrecks.com with me that day, because those cakes were one of the things on there. But I love my daughter, so a doll cake it will be. And I know it will look better than the ones on cakewrecks! ;)

7. And today we were looking through my sister's friend's Disney photos on facebook. We came across one of Captain Jack Sparrow, and I commented that he was cute and asked if she agreed. She told me, "No, he looks kinda piratey. Cause he's a pirate." I guess that's better than looking princessey since he's a pirate.

It's a different thing everyday. I never know what she's going to do next, and that really scares me!

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robin said...

She's got the cutest personality! What an imagination!!!