Oh, the week we've had!

Last Wednesday when I went to pick her up from carpool, I was told that her teacher, Mrs. Walker, needed to see me. When I stopped by, I was told that she’s been having a problem with Cadence having tantrums over very minor things, and that she had been in the office the last two days (and they weren’t there on Monday for Columbus Day.) Tuesday she was sent because she didn’t want to get in the circle to talk to the Spanish teacher, and then when she did, she sat with her back to the teacher and her arms crossed. Wednesday she was sent because she had a few tantrums throughout the day, and her teacher has now enacted a “zero tolerance” policy on tantrums - if she throws one, it’s straight to the office. I talked with her teacher and the preschool director that day, and we decided that if she has a tantrum, she goes straight to the office, and if she goes to the office she gets brought to me. If that happens, it’s straight home - no apologies, no negotiations, nothing. She loves school, so we’ve taken the approach that getting to go to big girl school is a privilege, and if she can’t act like a big girl she goes to the babysitter’s.

After our talks and laying down the rules, she was an angel on Thursday. Friday, however, was a different story. She had a mini tantrum over not getting the color pencil she wanted, but her teacher said she calmed down and got control very quickly so they didn’t send her to the office. When it was time to leave, they gave out the Cookie Award, and her best friend got it. That sent her into hysterics, but since it was carpool time, they didn’t send her to the office.

Now, about the Cookie Award. It’s a special thing they give to one student each week who has been helpful, cooperates and is overall a good citizen. Wee One hasn’t gotten it at all yet, because she’s done nothing but throw tantrums! There are only 9 kids in her class, and I found out from her teacher on Friday that it’s down to mine and one other kid to get it - and he’s a Japanese exchange student that speaks very little English. Mrs. Walker said that there’s no doubt in her mind that he will get it, but she’s not sure he’s really going to understand what it’s for or why he got it. So, it’s basically down to mine. And she’s been acting like a little toot and is running the risk of not getting it at all!! Her teacher says she won’t repeat any kids until everyone has gotten it, but with the way Cadence has been, we’re not sure when she’ll have a good enough week to get it.

Cadence and I both had another talk with Mrs. Walker on Friday, and she said that she REALLY wants Cadence to be the one to get it this week. So we made a sticker chart at home, and every day that she was good at school this past week, we’ve put a fairy princess sticker on it. The chart even says “No Tantrums!” and “No, No, No Ever Go To The Office!” (she picked the wording.) As of right now there are 4 stickers on it, and today is the big day. I also told her that if she comes home with the Cookie Award today, that I will buy her the new Princess Tiana Polly Pocket set she’s dying to have instead of making her wait to see if she gets it for her birthday. I’m curious to see if she has it today when I pick her up in about 45 minutes. Please, Please, Please let her have it!!

We’ve had some problems at home, though, during this. The kicker came Tuesday night when I told her to pick up her toys so we could get ready for bed. She told me no, so I told her she needed to pick them up, or I was going to (which means either put up for a REALLY long time, or thrown away.) She stood up, put her hands on her hips and said “I don’t know and I don’t care! How about that?” I almost slapped her at that point, but instead picked her up, gave her a spanking and put her straight to bed. I also told her that her toys were getting put up and she’d have to earn them back. She was FURIOUS with me, and cried (or rather, screamed) herself to sleep, but too bad so sad Princess. Wednesday night she did help out a lot around the house, and she cleaned the dining room, picked up her toys in the living room, helped me put up her clothes in her room and helped me set and clear the table. I gave her the toys back, but warned her that if she EVER talked to me like that again, they were going away and she wouldn’t get them back as easily next time. The child is going to drive me crazy!


WE GOT IT!!! She was just a little excited when I picked her up!


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