She's an artist!

A few weeks ago, Wee One’s teacher told her she was an artist. Out of all the things Mrs. Henely has told her, this is the one that has really stuck out to her. She’ll draw pictures, then after I comment on how good they are (and maybe I’m biased, but I do think they’re good!), she’ll tell me “It’s because I’m an artist!” She’s been drawing pictures all weekend, and drew one that I thought was really good. I want you to guess what it is, but I’ll give you a hint: I have a daughter that loves all things princesses. Now guess!


In case you couldn’t guess, it’s Cinderella’s carriage and horses on a road, with her ABC’s above (and on) it. (She’s so proud she can write all of her abc’s, and that they are actually legible.) She told me that her horses looked kinda like spiders, but they were really horses. :) I so want to get her in an art class, and hope that we can soon. We debated between it and ballet, and she insisted on ballet. Maybe soon we can convince her that being an artist would be awesome, too!

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