Commercials and Condolences

Mike and I saw the most hilarious commercial last night. It was for something called 'Lectric Shave, and it was not only hilarious, but also disturbing. Observe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at1Lie0wfX4

Also, RIP to Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and now today, Billy Mays. It's been a very sad week.


Pictures of the Fairy Princess

I promised pictures of our weekend in Memphis, and here they are. We left last Friday about 2:45 heading up, and arrived at Wolfchase Galleria about 6 pm to meet my stepmom. I had to run by the Disney Store to get some Disney Dollars for our trip in September, and my stepmom offered to get Wee One something while we were in there.

I was so proud of Wee One, because she picked out a Marie doll (little white cat from Aristocats), and kept saying she was fine with that, and didn't want anything else. I'm sure it's from me only letting her get something small if we go to the store, and if she finds something else, then she has to pick which of the two she wants. I finally had to pull her aside and tell her that I was very very proud of her for not asking and begging, but that Big Momma (my stepmom) wanted to buy her stuff - the doll *AND* something else. And if she saw something she wanted, she needed to tell her. She finally picked out a Tinkerbell dress and light up shoes along with the doll, and Big Momma got her some Disney Dollars and a bag for Disney as well.

Here are some pictures of the princess in the new dress, and of her with her Big Momma.




I love this picture because she's in her pink sparkly dress, but has bandaids on the knees and her feet (which you can't see) are filthy.

And this is a bonus sleeping pic. Notice her pillow is under her feet, and her blankets are all pushed to the side and almost off the bed. This is a very typical sleeping position for her!


I'm getting addicted...

First off, we spent last weekend in Memphis seeing my stepmom, and I have pictures. However, I'll have to wait until I'm on a real computer and not my phone.

Second, happy belated father's day to not just my dad, but all the great daddies out there.

Now, on to my post! I've been trying to get up and run 3 mornings a week. I still can't run half a mile without walking some of it, but I'm getting extremely close. I've also gotten to where I look forward to going out there and running, because I fell great afterwards. Today it hit me just how much I am starting to like it. We went with my sister to see Transformers at midnight, which means we didn't get home until about 3am. My alarm goes off at 6:30am for me to go run, and I actually got up and went when it went off.

I'm still awake at 9:40pm watching the end of the LSU/Texas game (we're winning 11-4), and I don't fell *that* bad, even with 3.5 hours of sleep. I'm actually ENJOYING running in the mornings, and that's something I never thought I'd say.


First mobile post!

I have the new phone, and had to try out the internet! It's not quite as easy as using the computer, but still pretty awesome. Yea for birthday gifts!


Birthday is coming early!

My birthday isn't until next month, but I'll be getting two birthday presents tomorrow! Mike is buying me new running shoes, and my sister bought them with her discount (she works at a sports store) and my youngest sister is bringing them to me tomorrow. I decided on Asics, and I LOVE them. I kinda wish they weren't pink, but oh well.

And of course, I get my phone tomorrow!!! I already have some movies and apps ready and waiting. The store opens at 8, so I'm going to try to go there before I come into work tomorrow morning. I can't wait, and thank you again to Daddy and Debbie!!!



I found the coolest site through stumble the other day. It’s called TypoGenerator. You type in what you want it to say, then it uses various fonts, colors and backgrounds to make nifty artsy images from your words. Here are two I did.




More pictures

Wee One spent last week with my mom and went to VBS at her church. Most of these pictures are from the commencement service last night. It was an Australia themed VBS, and we came home with lots of pictures of kangaroos and lots of boomerangs!

Also, yesterday my sister and her boyfriend decided to wash the dogs, and Wee One wanted to help. Those are just various pictures of her playing in the water and making a total mess. ;)


With her teacher

The Sydney Opera House



She was picked to hold the bible for the pledge

Singing "Deep and Wide" (and her lyrics are "there's a mountain flowing deep and wide!")

With me!





My sister and her boyfriend in a water fight. I think my sister is winning.

Lots of pictures

A few weeks ago we went on our first family camping trip, and Wee One got to make and eat s'mores for the first time. She refused to toast the marshmallow, but loved eating uncooked ones with chocolate and graham crackers anyway.

Also, Mike's sister had her 10 year dance solo last weekend, and we were there so that Mike, his brothers and his dad could present her with flowers afterward. She was SO pretty and did so well. And I'll admit - I cried. I saw this child in the hospital when she was born, and she's turned into such a beautiful (inside and out) young lady. I'm so very proud of her!


Helping gather wood for the bon fire




I have no idea what she's so scared about, but this picture makes me laugh!






Getting flowers from her dad and brothers


I made a fool of myself

Now that I’ve had time to calm down and think about it, I’m a little embarrassed about how I acted towards Mike this morning. I’ve been getting up 3 mornings a week and going walking/running at the park across the street from our house, and have done it for the last 3 weeks. There is a half-mile walking trail there, and it has been divided into 6 sections (I just checked and that would be 440 ft per section.) Normally I walk a section then run a section, and continue to do that until I’ve gone around twice. The first time around I usually do pretty good with the running parts, but by the second lap I’m struggling. I still haven’t ran every section I’m supposed to at one time.

Anyway, Mike wanted to go with me this morning, so I explained to him what I normally do. I had a feeling he would outrun me, I just didn’t realize by how much. He started running and ran 3 sections, walked for about half a section, then started running again and finished the half mile. Then he stood there and waited for me until I finished.

By the time I arrived I was in tears and so angry. Not at him, just at the fact that I’ve been out there for 3 weeks and can barely run 1/3 of what he did, and I’ve been trying to eat healthy and work out every night and the weight still isn’t coming off. Not to mention that he eats crap all the time and can’t seem to gain weight even if he wants to. And what makes me embarrassed is that I told him all of this - while crying, almost hyperventilating because I was out of breath from running, and while stomping home. I was screaming, crying, and I’m sure the little old ladies that were at the park walking their dogs will be telling their families about the crazy girl that was going off on her husband this morning. Looking back I know I must have looked insane, and Wee One’s tantrums aren’t anything compared to me this morning.

I’ve apologized to him for screaming at him like I did, and even told him that since now I know that he can kick my butt, I’ll know to expect it. I’m still frustrated that it’s taking me a lot longer and a lot more work to do this kind of thing than it does him, but I know eventually I’ll be able to take him. ;)


I miss her :(

It's almost 11:30 pm right now, and I miss Wee One so much. I haven't seen her since Saturday, and won't see her again until this Saturday afternoon. She's been excellent for my mom (well, except for pushing down a little girl with cerebral palsy, but she apologized and the girl accepted), and she sounds SOOOO sweet on the phone. I really didn't think I'd miss her this bad after the week we had last week, but I honestly can't wait to see her on Saturday. I miss my baby!


My New Toy!

Hopefully on next Friday I will have this:


The new iPhone 3G S. I’ve wanted an iPhone for SO long, and I finally saved the money to buy a refurbished one. However, they wouldn’t ever get any in stock, so my dad and stepmom told me they’d give me the rest of the money to get a new one as an early birthday gift. I found out a few days ago that the next generation ones are coming out next Friday, and the largest is the same price as the one I was going to get. I went yesterday to reserve one at our new Apple store, and can't wait for it to come in!

I’ve never paid for a phone in my life, so this is strange to dish out $300 for one. But I know I’ll use it and love it. The only downside is that I still have to get a case for it (I’m so bad about dropping my cell phone), a car charger, pay the $18 upgrade fee to AT&T and then the extra money a month. It’s going to be a lot, but SO worth it!! And I’ve already picked out the case I want (if Mike doesn’t keep trying to find me something sturdier):


Next Friday can’t get here soon enough!


Conversations with Wee One

Wee One is at my mom’s all week for Vacation Bible School. I dropped her off on Saturday, and have talked with her multiple times every day. She’s absolutely hilarious at times, and here’s the conversation we had on Sunday:

(phone rings, and I answer)
Wee One: Hello there! This is not Wee One. This is your Mommy - MamMaw. Wee One has been very very excellent while she’s been at my house!
Me: Oh, well that’s great. I’m glad she’s been very very excellent!
WO: She has. And this is your mommy, and you are my daughter. Wee One has been very excellent and had lots of fun and has played a lot.
(It goes like this for awhile.)
WO: This is my house. I have lots and lots of pictures, and a dirty table!
(About this time I hear my mom scream for her to bring the phone back)
WO: OK, now you can talk to your daughter, Wee One. Because I am not Wee One. I am your mommy! Here’s Wee One!! (and she hands my mom the phone back.)

My mom also told me that she came up to her yesterday and said, “MamMaw, can I have some paper to draw on, because I don’t want to draw on your couch or your floor or your chair because I love you and Mommy said that was bad and I don’t want to be bad because she said if I’m bad you’ll call her and she’ll come get me and I don’t want that so do you have some paper I can draw on?”

And yesterday when I finally manged to get her on the phone I asked what she was doing. Her response? “I’m talking...on the phone...with you...” Thank you, Captain Obvious! I never would have guessed that!!

I am glad that she’s having fun and that she’s being “very very excellent” for my mom. I just hope it continues for the rest of the week!


Recent Movies

Mike and I have watched some pretty cheesy (whether intentional or not) movies in the last few weeks, and some have definitely been better than others. The first one was about two weeks ago, and was Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus with Debbie Gibson in it. As the name suggests, it was about a mega shark fighting a giant octopus, and it was awful. And not even “so bad it’s good.” It was just horrible.

This weekend we watched Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon with Shannon Doherty and Twilight. Lost Treasure is a Starz original, and it wasn’t half bad. More “Lifetime Movie” than “Blockbuster Hit” but still decent. And Twilight was, well, Twilight. I know I have a lot of friends that love this movie and the books, and please, none of you get mad at me, but I just don’t see it. Mike and I laughed all the way through it, and he commented that Bram Stoker is probably rolling over in his grave right now. I have read the first two books, and will admit that the book was much better than the movie. But neither Mike or myself enjoyed it all that much. Well, except the glitter scene. We both enjoyed that.

The next two movies on our list to watch are Sharks in Venice with Stephen Baldwin (which I'm fully expecting to fall into the "so bad it's awful" category) and Tokyo Zombie (which looks like it might actually be half entertaining). I can’t wait!

P.S. For those that have asked, yes, every one of these was found at my local Hollywood Video. And yes, I'm just as shocked as you are! ;)


Busy, Busy Day!

It’s going to be such a busy day today, but maybe that means it will go quickly! I was up at 6 am to make dining reservations for Disney, I have to finish a freelance project by TODAY!!, it's my sister’s 17th birthday and I may get to eat lunch with her, and my sister-in-law’s 10 year dance solo is tonight. I can't believe that my baby sister is 17, or that my baby SIL (remember, I was at her birth!!!) has been dancing for 10 years. It's all so unreal, and makes me feel so old!

Since Disney is all I seem to want to talk about recently, here’s our official dining schedule!
Thursday, Sept 3 - arrive sometime early afternoon. No meals planned, but that could be a good thing!
Friday, Sept 4 - My mom’s 50th birthday, and we’re doing the Spirit of Aloha show at 5:15 that night. After that, my mom, my sister, Wee One and I are going to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (tickets are already purchased!)
Saturday, Sept 5 - We’re taking the girls to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at 9:30 then dinner with the Princesses at the Norwegian Pavilion at Epcot that evening.
Sunday, Sept 6 - Breakfast (or brunch!) with Lilo and Stitch at Ohana’s, and then the Fantasmic show that night.
Monday, Sept 7 - No meals planned for the group, but Wee One is going to the Wonderland Tea Party. It’s a kids only event, and only lasts an hour. I know she’ll love it!
Tuesday, Sept 8 - We have an early lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant, then head home. :(

We wanted Fantasmic on Thursday, but they were already completely booked. I know that makes Sunday kinda busy, but I figure we make up for it by not having anything planned on Monday. Plus, that leaves Thursday open, so if we want to crash at 5:30 that night, we can!! I’m so excited! 90 days to go!!


Adventures of a Bi-Polar 4 Year Old

This is how Mike described our life this morning, and it's surprisingly fitting. It's not unusual for her to go from being psychotic (yelling, kicking, screaming, not listening, etc) to being apologetic and an angel in a matter of minutes. It's completely normal for her to go from screaming things at me to telling me I'm the "bestest Mommy ever." To give you a great example, this is the conversation that prompted this title:

Wee One: Mommy, I don't LIKE you anymore!!
Me: That's fine. I still love you.
WO: I didn't say I don't love you. I said I don't LIKE you. You're not my friend anymore.
Me: That's fine. I'm not here to be your friend, I'm here to be your mommy. If you don't like me, I'm doing my job.
WO: *stomps out of the room mumbling*

*5 minutes later*

WO: Mommy, I just love you!! I'm SOOOO glad your my mommy!!
Me: Wha???

I swear, the child is insane. This happens ALL. THE. TIME. If she was about 15 I'd be asking her what she wanted. It's the most bizarre thing!

Then, of course, we have the issue with her insisting that she's right all the time. The argument today (like most days) was about how she didn't like me being in charge. Her argument is that she's older (she's apparently 7 and I'm 4), she wants to be the boss, and I"m not the mommy and in charge, God is. Now, how do you argue with that? She's right. God is in charge. But she seems to be missing the fact that God is in charge of me, but He put me in charge of her. Apparently that little fact isn't important in whatever 4 year old dreamland she thinks she lives in.

I'm going to go crazy before it's all over.



Wee One’s “new best friend” at VBS found JoJo in the rice table in the arts and crafts room. I’m very excited JoJo has been found, and even more excited that Wee One has someone she’s calling a best friend. I saw the other girl’s mom today, and she said that her daughter came home talking about her “new best friend”, too, so it looks like the feeling is mutual. Looks like it's going to be a great week!

I shouldn't be shocked anymore

My husband is such a man sometimes. Tomorrow is our anniversary (9 years! woot woot!), and I asked Mike yesterday what he wanted. His response? “When’s that coming up?” I just looked at him, laughed, and commented that I guess that means he doesn’t have any big awesome surprise planned for me then. I think it’s hilarious that he can’t ever remember, and he also can’t remember when my birthday is. Such a man sometimes!

We are going to eat with a really great friend of mine tomorrow night, and next week we are child free all week. I'm sure we'll do something then, but not because he remembered!!


I'm so not good at this!

I’ve realized that by trying to keep this an artsy blog with just a little about me, that it doesn’t get updated very often. So, I’m going to try to turn this into a blog about me, and throw artsy stuff in. Maybe I’ll be a little better about keeping it updated then. I hope!

So, Wee One has had a very busy few days. On Thursday she threatened to beat up a 7 year old girl (yes, she’s only 4. And a tiny 4 at that!), this past weekend she went camping and had s’mores for the first time, and today we lost JoJo. That’s right. JoJo. Her love. The one doll that has been with her since she was 18 months old and has been to NYC, Disney World, Texas and who knows where else in the last almost 3 years. I thankfully have an extra, but I really want to have the other back as well! There’s a reason we have two!

She took JoJo to VBS with her this morning, and her teacher told me that she saw it in the room right before they went to final assembly. I took her straight back to the room to get it, and it wasn’t there. I’ve searched the Children’s Wing and asked all the teachers, but she’s no where to be seen. I’m hoping that a little kid took her home and tonight the mom will realize that it has our name on it and bring it back. Since we have an extra it’s not as bad as it could be. But I really hope we get her back! I don’t want to have to track another one down somewhere!

I'm not sure when this was taken, but I'm sure it's somewhere around her 2nd birthday.

And this was last August on the first day of Preschool

That doll goes EVERYWHERE with us!