Conversations with Wee One

Wee One is at my mom’s all week for Vacation Bible School. I dropped her off on Saturday, and have talked with her multiple times every day. She’s absolutely hilarious at times, and here’s the conversation we had on Sunday:

(phone rings, and I answer)
Wee One: Hello there! This is not Wee One. This is your Mommy - MamMaw. Wee One has been very very excellent while she’s been at my house!
Me: Oh, well that’s great. I’m glad she’s been very very excellent!
WO: She has. And this is your mommy, and you are my daughter. Wee One has been very excellent and had lots of fun and has played a lot.
(It goes like this for awhile.)
WO: This is my house. I have lots and lots of pictures, and a dirty table!
(About this time I hear my mom scream for her to bring the phone back)
WO: OK, now you can talk to your daughter, Wee One. Because I am not Wee One. I am your mommy! Here’s Wee One!! (and she hands my mom the phone back.)

My mom also told me that she came up to her yesterday and said, “MamMaw, can I have some paper to draw on, because I don’t want to draw on your couch or your floor or your chair because I love you and Mommy said that was bad and I don’t want to be bad because she said if I’m bad you’ll call her and she’ll come get me and I don’t want that so do you have some paper I can draw on?”

And yesterday when I finally manged to get her on the phone I asked what she was doing. Her response? “I’m talking...on the phone...with you...” Thank you, Captain Obvious! I never would have guessed that!!

I am glad that she’s having fun and that she’s being “very very excellent” for my mom. I just hope it continues for the rest of the week!

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