Busy, Busy Day!

It’s going to be such a busy day today, but maybe that means it will go quickly! I was up at 6 am to make dining reservations for Disney, I have to finish a freelance project by TODAY!!, it's my sister’s 17th birthday and I may get to eat lunch with her, and my sister-in-law’s 10 year dance solo is tonight. I can't believe that my baby sister is 17, or that my baby SIL (remember, I was at her birth!!!) has been dancing for 10 years. It's all so unreal, and makes me feel so old!

Since Disney is all I seem to want to talk about recently, here’s our official dining schedule!
Thursday, Sept 3 - arrive sometime early afternoon. No meals planned, but that could be a good thing!
Friday, Sept 4 - My mom’s 50th birthday, and we’re doing the Spirit of Aloha show at 5:15 that night. After that, my mom, my sister, Wee One and I are going to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (tickets are already purchased!)
Saturday, Sept 5 - We’re taking the girls to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at 9:30 then dinner with the Princesses at the Norwegian Pavilion at Epcot that evening.
Sunday, Sept 6 - Breakfast (or brunch!) with Lilo and Stitch at Ohana’s, and then the Fantasmic show that night.
Monday, Sept 7 - No meals planned for the group, but Wee One is going to the Wonderland Tea Party. It’s a kids only event, and only lasts an hour. I know she’ll love it!
Tuesday, Sept 8 - We have an early lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant, then head home. :(

We wanted Fantasmic on Thursday, but they were already completely booked. I know that makes Sunday kinda busy, but I figure we make up for it by not having anything planned on Monday. Plus, that leaves Thursday open, so if we want to crash at 5:30 that night, we can!! I’m so excited! 90 days to go!!


Kahla said...

Girl where's your countdown ticker???? Woohooo for Disney, although I still wish ya'll were coming when were going!

Myrannda said...

There! I finally figured out how to add it!

And I know! I really wish we were going with you, too!