Adventures of a Bi-Polar 4 Year Old

This is how Mike described our life this morning, and it's surprisingly fitting. It's not unusual for her to go from being psychotic (yelling, kicking, screaming, not listening, etc) to being apologetic and an angel in a matter of minutes. It's completely normal for her to go from screaming things at me to telling me I'm the "bestest Mommy ever." To give you a great example, this is the conversation that prompted this title:

Wee One: Mommy, I don't LIKE you anymore!!
Me: That's fine. I still love you.
WO: I didn't say I don't love you. I said I don't LIKE you. You're not my friend anymore.
Me: That's fine. I'm not here to be your friend, I'm here to be your mommy. If you don't like me, I'm doing my job.
WO: *stomps out of the room mumbling*

*5 minutes later*

WO: Mommy, I just love you!! I'm SOOOO glad your my mommy!!
Me: Wha???

I swear, the child is insane. This happens ALL. THE. TIME. If she was about 15 I'd be asking her what she wanted. It's the most bizarre thing!

Then, of course, we have the issue with her insisting that she's right all the time. The argument today (like most days) was about how she didn't like me being in charge. Her argument is that she's older (she's apparently 7 and I'm 4), she wants to be the boss, and I"m not the mommy and in charge, God is. Now, how do you argue with that? She's right. God is in charge. But she seems to be missing the fact that God is in charge of me, but He put me in charge of her. Apparently that little fact isn't important in whatever 4 year old dreamland she thinks she lives in.

I'm going to go crazy before it's all over.

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