I'm so not good at this!

I’ve realized that by trying to keep this an artsy blog with just a little about me, that it doesn’t get updated very often. So, I’m going to try to turn this into a blog about me, and throw artsy stuff in. Maybe I’ll be a little better about keeping it updated then. I hope!

So, Wee One has had a very busy few days. On Thursday she threatened to beat up a 7 year old girl (yes, she’s only 4. And a tiny 4 at that!), this past weekend she went camping and had s’mores for the first time, and today we lost JoJo. That’s right. JoJo. Her love. The one doll that has been with her since she was 18 months old and has been to NYC, Disney World, Texas and who knows where else in the last almost 3 years. I thankfully have an extra, but I really want to have the other back as well! There’s a reason we have two!

She took JoJo to VBS with her this morning, and her teacher told me that she saw it in the room right before they went to final assembly. I took her straight back to the room to get it, and it wasn’t there. I’ve searched the Children’s Wing and asked all the teachers, but she’s no where to be seen. I’m hoping that a little kid took her home and tonight the mom will realize that it has our name on it and bring it back. Since we have an extra it’s not as bad as it could be. But I really hope we get her back! I don’t want to have to track another one down somewhere!

I'm not sure when this was taken, but I'm sure it's somewhere around her 2nd birthday.

And this was last August on the first day of Preschool

That doll goes EVERYWHERE with us!


Nancy said...

Uh Oh! I hope you find JoJo.... btw, are you SURE that JoJo is a she? I've only seen the show a few times (and I think one of those few times was when you guys were here) and I could've sworn that JoJo was a he. ;)

Myrannda said...

LOL! Yes, but only because in one episode she meets her "twin" who is a princess, and in one her mom says something about her being a growing girl. Otherwise I would have sworn she was a boy!