Good thoughts, please?

We've been wavering on the car issue since I found out I was pregnant. Three car seats won't fit in my car, and while they will fit in Mike's Cherokee, it's a 1993 model with 230,000 miles on it. However, both cars are paid off, and we really don't want and can't afford another car payment.

Yesterday, a 2004 Grand Cherokee Limited came in through wholesale at CarMax. It was owned by an older couple, has low miles, is fully loaded and will hold all three car seats (we tried them today.) The best part? After we trade my car in, it will cost us less than $4,000 to get it. Mike is getting it inspected on Monday, and if all that pans out ok, we're going to start the process of getting it. I'm really really really hoping it works out, because I would much rather drive it than Mike's Cherokee. And it would by far be the nicest vehicle I've ever owned! I mean, even the pedals adjust in this thing!! We should know something Monday, but please keep your fingers crossed!


Lauren Greene said...

Yeah! I hope everything pans out ok and you get it! Nothing like having a new car, and you definitely need the space with 3! I can attest to that.

Kahla said...

fingers crossed and prayers sent!

robin said...

I hope the possible 'new' vehicle passed inspection and you're driving it around right now! :)