We got it!!!

We have talked about getting something bigger, but since we don't have a car payment at the moment, couldn't justify the payments on anything we looked at. On Friday, they had something come through wholesale that was perfect. It's a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, completely fully loaded, owned by an older couple, low miles and extremely well taken care of. It literally has every feature available at the time - leather, navigation, Sirus, power sunroof, adjustable pedals, heated seats, you name it. And since it came through wholesale, Mike could get it for $6,800.

We went over the weekend to make sure all three car seats would fit (they do), and he had it inspected on Monday (passed with flying colors.) He spent most of yesterday afternoon at the bank getting the money, but after it was all said and done (taxes, trading my 2004 Sentra, tags, etc) we ended up paying $4,115 for it. Our payments are going to be crazy cheap, and this is by far the nicest vehicle either of us has ever owned. We got it last night, and went through putting car seats in, setting the seats for me to drive, setting the automatic garage door opener and doing all those other little things. Cadence is so excited, and informed me last night that she doesn't miss my car at all, because this is much more awesome.

I'm a little sad to lose my car, because I bought it brand new, and I've had it for the last 7 years. And I've only ever driven little cars - a 91 Pontiac LeMans, 2000 Mazda Protege and then the Sentra. Driving a Cherokee is going to take a little time to get used to, because it's about twice as big as my car, and sits A LOT higher. I really really like it, though, and am so happy to have a place to put all three girls when #3 gets here!

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robin said...

Congrats on getting the vehicle!!! It'll be nice not having to worry about carseats and room now! I'd love a little SUV that is higher off the ground! My little car is scary low (but it was inexpensive) but I want my next one (in many years) to be an SUV or Jeep type vehicle. So happy for ya!