Another roadtrip and bedtime prayers

I know that our baby sitter must think we take more vacations than anyone else. Since the first of the year Wee One and I (and a friend and her girls) have gone to Austin, TX to visit some friends; Hubby, Wee One and I went to Atlanta, GA to see my dad and step-mom; Wee One, my younger sister and I are going to Houston, TX this weekend to see some family, then in two weeks Hubby and I are going to Biloxi, MS for the weekend. Yes, we like to travel, and thankfully Wee One is wonderful in the car.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. My cousin's little boy turned two today, and his birthday party is this weekend. Now, this is one of my favorite cousins - one of my best friends. I was Maid of Honor in her wedding, and she was Matron of Honor in mine. I was born 3 days after she turned 4, and since that day I have been "hers" - and I truly wish we lived closer to each other because 6ish hours is way too far away. Anyway, her little boy turned 2 today, and I did the invitations for his birthday party this weekend. My "payment" for doing them is that she's going to help me with gas money so we can go to the party. I'm so excited, and I'm getting off work at noon on Friday. It's going to be so much fun!

Tonight Wee One was so sweet. We were saying her prayers, and when we got to the part where she gets to list everyone she wanted to pray for, she gave me all the usuals - Momma, Daddy, MamMaw, GiGi, etc, etc. Well, when it got to where she couldn't think of anyone else, she said Sissy (that's the baby sitter's chihuahua), Cinderella (her current favorite movie - she's a pwincess!), and her bear (meaning the musical bear that plays every night when she goes to sleep.) It was just so sweet to hear her praying for them, too, and I just about cracked up when she said Cinderella!

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sarahandscottsmommy said...

Have a safe trip to Texas!!! The bedtime prayers show how sweet she is...and how proud you must be as a mommy!