OMG! What a workout!

One of the girls on the board I'm on is very into The Firm workouts. So into them in fact that she is in the latest infomercial. She has gotten a lot of the girls on the board to try different videos, and every one of them has been very pleased with them. A few have even commented on how they really don't get bored with them, even though they normally don't make it more than a week or so with a workout video - and they have been doing them for 3+ months. Since I was given an Amazon gift certificate, I decided to order one of the workouts thinking that it definitely couldn't hurt.

It came in the mail on Friday, but today was the first chance I've had to put it in. I ordered The Firm Bootcamp: Maximum Calorie Burn. I stuck it in the dvd player, and like a dummy decided to try it in what I had on - jeans, a knit top and no shoes. No other workout I've ever used has been that bad, and I didn't think this one would either.


This workout is BRUTAL! None of the moves are hard - actually they are all very easy. But this video hits the ground running! By the 5 minute mark I was sweating, by 12 minutes I was panting, and by 20 minutes I had to quit. Turns out it's a 52 minute video, so I have a ways to go before I can complete the entire thing at once. And omg do my abs hurt!! I'm going to be SO sore tomorrow. It claims you'll see results in 10 workouts, and I could definitely see how that could happen. I might have to measure myself tonight to see if there really is a difference in 10 workouts. My goal is to get all 10 in before we go to Disney (26 days), so The Firm and I will become great friends over the next 3.5 weeks. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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