Princesses everywhere!

Wow. I'm so sorry. It's really been awhile since I posted anything. We are back from Disney, and Wee One had a blast. She loved princesses before we left, but now she's completely infatuated with them. She loved getting to meet all the characters, and is still telling me that she wants to get back on the airplane and see Cinderella. I will try to get some pictures up soon.

Also, we are in full birthday mode. Her birthday is Nov. 2, so on Nov. 3 (a Saturday) we're having her party. Hubby doesn't want to have two parties - last year we had one small one here for her friends, and the big one in our hometown with family - so we've decided to have one big party at a local state park. It has lots of space for our huge families, and a massive playground that Wee One loves. And I'll give you three guesses what the theme will be...


Here's the front of her invitations:

I found the design online (I'm sorry to whoever actually drew it!) and I took it into Photoshop and added the color. I cut those and use the little foam squares that you use to make things 3D in scrapbooking to adhere them to the front of the invites. Then, I printed the wording for the invitation on pink cardstock and have it attached on the inside. I *might* get a silver gel pen or glitter glue pen and add some finishing touches to the inside, but I haven't made up my mind yet. They look really good, and Wee One loves the picture on the front. When I showed her, she goes, "Cinderella's pumpkin!!! Momma, I LOVE Cinderella's pumpkin!" Hopefully she'll love her party just as much.

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