New and Improved! Whatcha think?

When I started this blog, I had intentions of posting lots of random funky things I found online, and instead it's turned into a blog about Wee One. Sorry about that! She's still going to be here, but I'm going to start trying to post more cool sites.

So first, thanks to How About Orange (one of my favorite blogs to visit), is this site: Tips for New Bloggers
It's actually the reason my blog has a new look. There are tips on there for adding columns to Bloggers templates, and also cool bits on how to change colors, fonts, and add pictures. I had WAY too much fun playing tonight, and am very happy with how it looks!

And if you need cool retro graphics and fonts, check out Tack-O-Rama. There is so much groovy stuff on there, and it's actually where I found the background and font in the new header at the top. Here is a sample of some of the retro designs you can find on the site:

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