An update!

There are so many things I haven’t posted about, so I’m going to try and do it quickly. The last six months have gone SO fast, and it’s all kind of a blur. Hopefully this will help me remember some of this later on down the road!

Christmas!!! Amelia was completely unconcerned, but Cadence loved it, and was a huge help with opening all Amelia’s gifts. We also got to see tons of family, and Santa (of course!)

Cadence got her hair cut, and looks SO grown now! And Amelia started laughing! Full blown belly laughs, and they are awesome!

Snow and King cake!! Mardi Gras was early, and we had two or three king cakes at work during the season. We also got some snow. Not a ton, but it was still fun! Amelia also tried out the swing for the first time, and seems to love it!

We attended the St. Paddy’s Day parade, and were all decked out in green. That weekend was also the first trip in the Jeep with the windows out for Amelia. I was also accused of hitting someone in the parking lot at work (I swear, I didn’t do it!), and that case is STILL open. At least the insurance company believes me!

Amelia is sitting! And Cadence is still being the most awesome big sister ever. She adores her baby sister, and helps me take care of her all the time. It’s so sweet to watch. We made our first trip with Amelia that was over an hour. It was...interesting. We went to Memphis to visit Daddy and Debbie, and she was ok through most of the 3 hour drive there. However, she screamed all the way home. I was never so happy to get out of the car, and it didn’t give me hope for the trip to Houston just a few weeks later. The trip to Houston was fun, but way too short. The seven hour trip took us 8 hours going, and 10 coming home. Amelia was good until it started getting dark outside. When it’s bedtime, she wants to be in her bed! Also, Amelia’s first Easter!

The girls and I went to Florida to see Daddy and Debbie, and were able to go to Disney with Debbie for her first trip! We only spent one day at Magic Kingdom, but I adore that place! Also, Cadence is officially a first grader, and Amelia started crawling!

And now June is here. The biggest news is that Mike has started a new job. He’s now working at CarMax, and is getting settled in. I hope he likes it, and I can’t wait to get the first full paycheck! Amelia recently got her first tooth, and Cadence was a flower girl in a friend’s daughter’s wedding. She looked so pretty (the bride and Cadence!) She is also swimming, and has loved getting to go to the pool three days a week with the babysitter.

It’s been eventful, but oh so much fun!!

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