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We have been doing a lot of Disney related crafts recently, and I have to share them! This post is all clothes, but I'll do another with the autograph pillowcases and the bottles as soon as I have them finished. But for now, CLOTHES!

The thing I've had the most fun with is tshirts. I used the same freezer paper tutorial I used on the Jeep shirt, but made sure to have matte paint this time. They are working out beautifully, and I've gotten carried away making them.

Here are the ones that are finished so far:

 photo b390f0e6-4f03-4272-8af9-f5e718ef611c.jpg
Hitchhiking Ghosts (mine)

 photo IMG_7048.jpg
The Tightrope Walker from the Haunted Mansion (mine)
I'm planning on putting some kind of frame around this one

 photo IMG_6953.jpg
Aurora and Maleficent (mine)

 photo IMG_7045.jpg
Nemo (Amelia)

 photo IMG_7086.jpg
Beauty and the Beast Rose (Amelia)

 photo IMG_6904.jpg
Perry Fedora (Cadence)

 photo IMG_7054.jpg
Max as Powerline from A Goofy Movie (my sister)
In cast you need more:

 photo 945739_934903778512_1218543411_n.jpg
Tom Selleck from Meet the Robinsons (my sister)
Again, more:

And here are the clothes that my AMAZING friend Jamie made for the little ones:

 photo IMG_7154.jpg
Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Dress

 photo IMG_7101.jpg
Snow White Tunic (it will have yellow leggings under it)

 photo IMG_7159-1.jpg   photo IMG_7105.jpg
Minnie Mouse Pillowcase Dresses

And last, the other clothes:

 photo IMG_7098.jpg
The new nightgown Aunt Sarah bought. It's "Roar-Ra!!" and she is VERY excited to have it!

 photo IMG_6939.jpg   photo IMG_6945-1.jpg
Snow White and Cinderella from MamMaw

I have more tshirts coming, plus Ariel Rompers and an adorable Alice dress! I can't wait, and will have those pictures up soon. 39 days to go!!

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