P72 - Day 5: This sucks

This isn't going well at all. Day 1 I did it, and it was good. Day 2 I was dying from Day 1, but decided to try Ab Blaster and Cardio. I made it half way before I couldn't take Mike's comments and looks and I gave up. Day 3 and Day 4, I didn't even try. That's right. I totally skipped them.

So we've made it to Day 5. It's supposed to be sculpting day, and I'm about to start it. I have brownies in the oven, and have decided that will be my reward when I'm finished. Mike is gone for a while, and I've figured out I do much better without him around. I guess this means I'm back to getting up at the crack of dawn to do this - yay (sarcasm). I'm just going to keep reminding myself about Disney. I want to be in shape for Disney.

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Kahla said...

You got this, lock Mike out of the room!