Some cutsie little things...

Just a bunch of cute little things Wee One has done over the past few days.

• Last night I introduced her to the wonders of the Hokey Pokey. It’s SO funny watching her try and do it, and she calls it the “Pokey Pokey” And when it comes time to “do the hokey pokey and your turn yourself around,” she puts her hands on her hips and shakes her booty back and forth. It’s hilarious.

• She likes for me to tell her the story of the Three Little Pigs. And she tries to help. Her favorite part is when the wolf says “Little Pig, Little Pig, let me come in” and they respond “Not by the hair of our chinny-chin-chins!” Only when she says it, it comes out “Little Pig, COME IN! Not *my* chin-chin-chin!” (last part said with hand on her hip and in a VERY sassy voice.) She also likes to say “Puff, puff, BLOW!” while blowing in my face (and usually spitting on me.) It’s quite funny.

• She’s learing the words to “Ring around the Rosie”: “Ringy Rosie, Pockey Posey, Ashes, Ashes FALL DOWN!” (as she falls into a giggling heap on the floor)

• She still has her nookie (pacifier) and a guy at Mazzio’s tried to bribe her the other day. He offered her a brownie if she would throw it away. She took it out of her mouth and seriously considered it, but then told me, “No, I no want brownie. I want nookie” and popped it back in her mouth. So much for getting rid of it!

• She has taken to putting things around her neck like a cape (her two favorites are hubby’s pj pants and one of my scarves) and running through the house shouting “SUPER BUNNY!!!!” We have no idea where she got this, but is sure is funny!

• The child gets irate if I try to touch something of hubby’s, or he touches something of mine. For example, last night hubby went to look for something in my purse. She got furious and started screaming at him: “NO, NO DADDY!!! That’s *MOMMY’S* purse!” She tried to snatch it away as well. Also, I was putting on my belt one day and it looks a lot like hubby’s. She got upset, took it from me, and as she was running down the hall she was screaming “Not *YOUR* belt! That’s *DADDY’S* belt!”

• Probably the most heart-stopping so far: She LOVES to jump off of things. Chairs, tables, even books on the floor. She jumps everywhere she goes! I don’t mind the little things (standing on two books that are stacked on the floor then jumping off - max height is about two inches), but the big things worry me (climbing up in the dining room chairs and jumping off of them - I’ve also seen her eyeing the table...) I just keep telling myself that this will be good when we start going to the pool...

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