Sleep is overrated

I was so excited when I woke up this morning, because Amelia only woke once between 9pm and 5am. Now, I know she's 9 months old, and it should be normal for her to do that or longer. But since the ear infections started at three months, the sleeping has been non-existent. So, when she went 6 hours straight last night, I thought I had gone to heaven. Apparently my daughter thought that would be enough sleep for tonight as well.

She went to bed at 9, woke about 10:15 but went right back to sleep, but woke up SCREAMING at 11. Sometime after midnight she fell back asleep, but I fell asleep on the couch with her. I woke at 1:45 and went to lay her down, and she was back up by two. It's now 3:26am, and she's currently playing with a picnic basket in my living room. I tried letting her play in her bed, but she would stand up and cry. I brought her to bed with me, and she did nothing but climb on me and pinch and cry. So we're now up and playing.

My alarm will go off in two hours, and I have less than two hours of sleep, and on the couch at that. Today should be awesome. Joy.

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Hot Mama said...

Amen. Been up a lot the last few nights here, too. Hope your coffee is strong today!