Can I blame it on the baby?

It was brought to my attention that it's been 2.5 months since I updated anything, and I am so sorry! There have been a ton of things going on, so I'll give a quick rundown on our lives since February.

  • I'm now 33 weeks, and can't believe it's this close. I go in for my 34 week checkup next Wednesday, and will also get an ultrasound then. My blood pressure has been great, I haven't gained a ton, and so far, still not sick. It's been surprisingly good!
  • We have some name ideas, but nothing set in stone yet. More than likely, though, she will either be a Julie, Madeline, Cara or Hannah. Mike and I both like them all, so we're talking about waiting until she gets here and seeing which we think she looks like.
  • Still not much closer on the room, but hoping to get that settled this weekend. I'm going today to buy stain for the dressers, and Mike promises me that we'll work on moving computers and getting the rest of the stuff cleaned out of Amelia's room. All we'll have to do then is paint, then set it all up for her. I can't wait until we can move her in!
  • My husband now owns a gun. He's been talking about it for awhile, and decided the other day to use some of his bonus money to go purchase one. It's a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22, and honestly, it's one scary looking gun. I was expecting something like a .22 rifle, but this looks more like a military machine gun. It's going to take some getting used to, seeing it in my house. He hasn't bought ammo yet, but already has plans to go down to Brookhaven to shoot soon.
  • Cadence is loving Girl Scouts, and we're in the process of swapping troops since she'll be a Brownie next year. She went to the 100th anniversary thing last weekend, earned another patch on Monday night, and has another event on Saturday. She's really enjoying it, and REALLY looking forward to camp this summer!
  • Cadence also got her report card yesterday - two 100s and a 98. :) She's getting to go today to visit the school she'll be at next year, and is really excited. It's closer to our house, too, so if I can (keeping my fingers crossed) be a stay at home mom after the baby gets here, I could walk her to school every day.
  • Amelia is growing like a weed! She's now talking non-stop (and getting clearer and clearer every day), is in love with "Kitty-Kitty" (her stuffed Marie doll), and tries to climb on anything she can get near. She's also entered a screaming phase, which is oh-so-much-fun. EVERYTHING makes her shriek at the top of her lungs, and it's the one thing she does that's going to drive me insane! She almost sickening cute, though, and I love that little thing to pieces!
Things have been going well around here, and I'll try to get pictures up soon and post more often!

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