Star Week

So, this week is her star week at school. That basically means that she gets to be the leader all week, I get to bring snacks, and we have to bring in a poster with pictures of her and things she likes. She could decorate the poster with whatever she wanted, and had to be able to tell the class about the different things on it.

We finally finished her poster last night, and it's definitely "her." All the other posters so far have been poster board with some pictures and a some stickers. However, between me, the graphic designer, and my daughter the diva, her's isn't nearly that simple. I think it came out very well, though.

She also spent the weekend at my grandmother's (her great-grandmother's) and spent it drawing with sidewalk chalk. Here's her drawing of Cinderella and Snow White.

I think there's definitely a little creative streak there. ;)

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sarahandscottsmommy said...

What a great idea...Star Week!! That makes every kid feel extra special! I love all the pink on her poster!!

She's great at chalking!! I think mine is still learning circles for heads, lol!