New shoes!!

First off, I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We had a very nice holiday, and got to see all of our family. Wee One got more stuff than any one child needs, and I promise those pictures will be coming soon!

I had a great Christmas as well - received new games for the Wii (Lego Batman and Mario Party 8, and hubby got the new Nerf game), but more importantly, I received new shoes!

Both of my sisters bought me a pair, and I love them both. One is definitely more practical, but both are very cute! My baby sister bought me the cutest pair of purple patent leather flats with silver buckles on the front. They are adorable, and I will try to get pictures of them soon. They are actually really comfortable, and look great with pretty much every pair of pants I own. Now I just need to find enough tops to go with them! My other sister bought me theses:
Can I just say how much I love them??? They are completely impractical, and not very comfy, but oh so cute! I'm wearing them today at work, and let me tell you - I'm finding reasons to not get up and walk around! But I love them.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve, and that you all stay safe. Happy New Year, and see you in 2009!


Kahla said...

OMG, those heels are TALL! They are cute, but I think I'd last about 10 seconds in them!

Love ya!

Myrannda said...

4 1/2 inches. Yes, my feet are dying. And of course Mike wants me to go by the store and pick up some stuff for the game tonight. I just keep telling myself "But they're so cute! But they're so cute!"