Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus...

...right down Santa Claus lane!!

The Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving, Wee One and I were in Memphis visiting my dad and stepmom. We decided to be brave and fight the crowds on Friday afternoon, and while we were at Wolfchase Galleria, decided to get Wee One's picture taken with Santa. She was SOOOO excited about getting to see him - matter of fact, in her letter to him she said she couldn't wait to see him, give him a hug, sit in his lap and get her picture taken. Quite a change from the last two years when she screamed if we got within 100 ft of the big guy!

She was wonderful (despite being super excited) while we waited in line, and was so cute as she got up there to get her picture taken. She told him what she wanted, got her candy cane, and then practically floated over to where we picked the pictures up. It was just the sweetest thing I've seen in awhile, and definitely helped make up for the craziness in that mall!


Now, if he'd just hurry up and come to our house so she could open her gifts, I think her life would be complete! ;)