HP Magic Giveaway

I'm a huge fan of Stumble, and came across this great blog - Moosh in Indy - through it a few days ago. While looking through some of the recent posts, I can across this one. In it, she's actually GIVING AWAY about $6,000 - yes, SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS - worth of HP products. It's called the HP Magic Giveaway, and is sponsored by HP and Windows. They have contacted 50 bloggers and given them all this product to review. They then have to give it away. All of it. It's 4 computers, an awesome all-in-one printer/scanner combo (I actually have the same one at work and LOVE it), copies of Kung Fu Panda and some other things as well. This prize package is flippin awesome! Her rules to win all this amazing stuff are 1) You can't keep all of it - it has to be shared, 2) you have to write a post on your own blog saying what you would do with it and who you'd share it with (hence the reason for this post ;) ) and 3) you have to mention the link to the post on her blog, and mention and link to the HP Magic Giveaway.

Now, everyone who knows me knows that I am a strictly Mac girl. I use them at work and love mine at home. Hubby is a pc guy, but has a new computer that he just built for gaming. So, neither of us need a new HP. That means that if I won I'd give all 4 away.

The 18 series Premium Notebook I would give to my sister. She's been wanting and needing a computer for awhile for school, and would LOVE to have a laptop. The TouchSmart IQ816 PC would go to my mom. She doesn't have a good home computer, and is limited on what she can view at her work. She deserves to have something nice, and even my Mac-loving self will admit that it's one sweet computer! The dv4 series Entertainment Notebook would go to my inlaws. They don't have a home computer at all, and I have a 17 yr old brother in law and a 13 year old sister in law that would LOVE to have one. It would give them a way to download music for their phones, and my SIL could finally get the iPod she wanted since she'd have a way to put music on it. And last but not least, the HP Mini 1000 would go to my other sister. She has a laptop now, but I know she'd love to have something smaller to carry with her while she's out and about.

I would want to keep the MediaSmart Connect because Hubby has a ton of movies on his computer. I hate having to watch them on there, and it would be so cool to get to watch them on our tv. I would also want to keep one of the dvds of Kung Fu Panda because I love and adore that movie, and Wee One keeps quoting it from the commercials.

The other two versions of the movie would be given away - The Blu-Ray to my mom to go with the new computer, and the other dvd to my inlaws for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

As for the all-in-one and the photo pack, that would go to my dad and step-mom. They love getting pictures of Wee One, but don't have a reliable printer to print them out. I have the same all-in-one at work, so know it would be great for them to have.

That's it. I would keep 2 things and give the rest away. It would be like I was Santa Claus, and it would be wonderful. I know that all of my family would be thrilled beyond belief, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Christmas!

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