I've assembled my own army...

Wee One's class party is today, and also her Christmas party at the babysitter's. I, being the rampant overachiever that I am, decided to make these adorable reindeer cupcake pops that I saw on Bakerella. I decided to make enough for each kid and teacher to have 2, so that's a total of 54 reindeer. That means 54 sucker sticks. 54 sets of hand broken antlers. 54 faces painted on and noses glued. And 54 ribbons tied. I now have my very own reindeer army! They're not quite as good as Bakerella's, and I've had to reglue about 15 sets of antlers so far, but Wee One adores them, and I'm sure they'll be a huge hit at her party!

The army (minus about 12-15 that are sitting in the fridge.) And yes, that would be 1:25am. I'm apparently a glutton for punishment.

A close up


Bakerella said...

They are super-duper awesome!

And great pics, too!

Kahla said...

I think they are adorable!!! Wanna make some for Chase's sitters? ;o) Sorry I missed your call, we were at the hospital visiting Kiefer and the new baby!