Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of my American friends, I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!

We spent last night with my inlaws, and this morning I asked Wee One what she was thankful for. Not surprisingly she said ice cream and candy. :) She then asked me what I was thankful for, so I whispered in her ear, "you." She just grinned really big, but I know she has no idea how thankful I really am.

Most of my family knows that I announced I was pregnant at Thanksgiving last year, but had a d&c before Christmas. We were supposed to be celebrating with a new little one this year. I was supposed to be buying "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments and shirts. And we were supposed to have the "problem" of fitting another stocking and stocking holder on the mantle and keeping a 4-5 month old out of the tree. Instead I spent this Thanksgiving doing stuff most of my family doesn't know about - taking blood tests to test hcg levels, taking multiple pregnancy tests and ultimately having another miscarriage - the 2nd to go along with 2 chemical pregnancies in exactly a year.

After the past year, I'm even more thankful for my daughter. I am in awe of what a miracle she is after all the problems recently, and I just hope I can show her how much I love her, and how truly thankful I am that God has blessed me with her.

I pray this Thanksgiving that you have a wonderful holiday, and that you get the opportunity to tell those that mean the most to you how special they are. I hope you have a very blessed holiday, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Kahla said...

(((Hugs))) Hang in there, more good things are sure to come our way. That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger.