Middle of the night ramblings

It's about 3:30am right now, and the only reason I'm up is because the baby has decided that something is wrong and she must scream. She's finally settled some, but not asleep, so I'm doing this to keep myself awake until I can head back to bed.

I'm realizing again what the words "walking dead" mean. Last night I was in bed about 11, and woke at 2:30, 3:30, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45 and 5:00. Tonight it was sleep at 11:45, then up around 1:15, 3:00 and now 3:30. Monday night and Tuesday night were just as bad. It's not always Maddie. Sometimes it's Amelia (last night is because at 4:15 she decided she needed a "siss-sess bambaid" to sleep. It took me until 4:45 to figure that out.), and a few times it's been Mike. I told him I'm about to the point I'm going to head to Momma's tomorrow, pass off the three kids, and then lock myself away to go sleep. I'm REALLY tempted to do that.

Cadence auditioned for a play last week, and even got a callback. Unfortunately, we got a letter on Wednesday that she didn't get any part. She was really upset, but I'm proud that she even got up there with the other 64 people to audition for only 25 parts. It was for Pinkalicious, so it would have been the perfect first play for her, but I know there will be other opportunities. We're also back to being on any color but green at school. Thankfully she has an awesome teacher who seems really concerned about working with her to get to a less talkative state.

Amelia is talking up a storm, and is Disney obsessed. She begs for "mouse and quack!" every morning (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for those of you not fluent in Ameliaese), and loves to point out Pooh and Siss-Sess (any princess.) Tonight we put on Belle pjs, and I asked her who was on it expecting "siss-sess." Instead she looked at it, grinned really big and told me it was Belle. She is also starting to get into movies, and reminds me more of Sarah each day. She even grunted to help me open a jar the other day. I could just eat her up!

Maddie is growing like a weed, and so extremely sweet. She's a good mix of the other two, and is getting redder by the day. I'm SO happy about that. And thankfully she seems to finally be asleep, so I'm going to try and head back that way before another kid wakes. Maybe I'll get an hour or so in!

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