My "baby"

I was up late tonight getting clothes finished for Mike for tomorrow, and went to put something in Cadence's room. When you walk into Amelia's, it's covered in dolls and preschool toys and board books, and even though there is a "big girl bed," it's still very much a kid's room. I walked into Cadence's room, and was greeted with a DS charger, her hot pink camera, a few containers full of sparkly jewelry and headbands, and another container full of nail polish and the makeup she's managed to get others to buy her. There are still dolls and barbies and a few other kid things, but her room is slowly morphing into a tween room instead, covered in hot pink, lime green and sparkles. I know she'll be 8 in November, but she's not suppose to have a tween room yet!

She starts school next Tuesday, and will be in second grade. In the last year and a half she's gone from being our only kid, to having two sisters. She has a love of anything zebra printed, is a fabulous big sister, and is extremely creative. She's also extremely sensitive, and takes everything personally. She's dramatic, entertaining, loving, and goofy. She's extremely book smart, but can completely lack street smarts at times. And as crazy as she makes me, I wouldn't want her any other way.

Cadence is definitely the total opposite of Amelia, and is the opposite of me as well. It's taken me awhile to understand her attitudes and mood swings, and to be able to not take her reactions to things personally (actually, I'm still working on that), but I love her more than anything. I know that she will be the one to constantly amaze me, and will go on to do unbelievable things. I can't wait to see what God has in store for her.

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