Geaux running!

I know I haven’t updated in awhile, so I’m here, ready to update again.

As I said in my last post, I’m still running! I find myself looking at running shoes and clothes and wanting them. And this morning, I actually went running in short shorts and a form fitting workout top! Now, I’m not saying that I looked like some athlete in it, and the people at the park probably wished I wore something else, but I wore it. And was comfortable.

I’ve discovered that I’m now looking forward to getting up and running. I wake at 6am on the days that I’m “off.” I had a short run on Friday, then didn’t do anything Sat and Sunday, and yesterday couldn’t wait to get out there. It’s the strangest thing. Now, I still can’t run more than half a mile without stopping (and most of the time don’t quite make that), but it’s definitely getting eaiser and easier.

The only major problem I’ve run into is the humidity. Now, I know I live in Mississippi, and we have like 10 months of summer a year, but I really figured July would be the worst time to run. Boy, was I wrong! Yes, it’s hot in July, even at 6:30am. But it’s a lot drier then than it is now! Most mornings I feel like I’ve been running under a damp blanket that just came out of the dryer - it’s hot, muggy and so very sticky.

And, like an idiot, I’ve decided this week to try and run every morning instead of just running 3 mornings a week. You would think by looking at my grades through school and the work I do that I’d be at least somewhat smart, but apparently I’m not. Anyhow, I went out this morning for day 2 of my “run every morning” experiment. The heat wasn’t so bad, but by the time I got to the park across the street I was already sweating. I started my warm up to Right Said Fred, and eventually started running. After running for awhile, I started to notice this strange squeaking sound. I could hear it over my headphones, and knew it wasn’t my shoes because it would stop when I was walking. Eventually it hit me what the sound was - so much sweat had gotten down in my sports bra that my boobs were squeaking as I ran. When I finally realized what it was, I didn’t know whether to be grossed out or to laugh hysterically. Hopefully when the weather gets cooler I won’t have this problem anymore. But until then, I guess I’ll just have to deal with squeaky boobs.

I’ve also recently found the greatest pair of shoes. Since “Shoes” is part of the title of this blog, and it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about them, I want to show them off. They are part of the NikeID collection and are cross trainers. I normally don’t covet workout shoes (because let’s face it, most workout shoes all look the same.) However, if you go to Nike.com you can customize these in whatever colors you want. Since we are LSU fans here, and since purple is my favorite color, and since I think yellow looks good with purple, LSU or not, it’s only fitting that my customized shoes be purple and yellow as well. They are SO cute, and if they weren't $98 (or if I was rich, or didn't have a trip to Disney in 3 weeks) I would so buy them. Along with the bag (which I really don't need) and the shirt (which I definitely would wear.) Here's all three, all going on my wish list!




Yes, I am a little obsessed with this whole "purple and gold" thing. ;)

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