Operation: Clean Sarah's Car

I love my sister dearly, but everyone who knows her, knows that she isn’t the neatest person in the entire world. Unfortunately, her car takes the brunt of it, and the state of it has become a running joke in the family. I hope she realizes that we all do it out of love and it’s just teasing, but let’s face it. Her car is disgusting most of the time.

She is at Disney this week, and Mike told her he would detail her car while she was gone since we’re taking it when we go to Disney over Labor Day. He told her that it has to be COMPLETELY cleaned out, and anything left in it would get tossed. He promised her that when she got back, it would be completely clean, inside and out.

Last night he started on it, and decided to tackle the dash first. He ended up completely disassembling the dash to clean all the cracks and crevices, because a 6 pack of Dr. Pepper had exploded in there, so there was Dr. Pepper in places it definitely shouldn’t have been. Between taking it apart, using the chamois, and who knows how many Armorall wipes, it looks totally different. Before he started, I wasn’t sure that I could even push any of the buttons on her dash (like for the radio, air or hazard lights), and now it looks new again!

Tonight he says he’s bringing his socket set home to remove her seats, and that he is planning on buying cheap towels we can throw away to use to get the stains out of them. He plans on taking out the front and rear seats, and working on the carpet and headliner as well. After that (probably tomorrow or Friday) he’ll attack the trunk and then wash the outside.

She’s not going to recognize her car when she gets home, and now I won’t be quite so grossed out riding in it to Florida in two weeks! My husband is a miracle worker.




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