What a difference 3 months, 22 days makes!

I’ve been getting a little down the last few days because of the scale not moving much and my measurements seeming to flip flop around. I knew when I started this at Easter that it wouldn’t happen overnight, and that it wouldn’t be easy. However, I guess I thought I would get there pretty quickly, and it would just be a few weeks until I was in the same shape I was when I was cheering. I forgot to factor in the fact that I haven’t worked out in 11 years, and during those 11 years I’ve almost hit 30 and had a baby. I don’t have the same body, energy or metabolism I had at 17/18, so of course it wouldn’t happen overnight.

I decided to go back and look at my Sparkpeople reports to see how much (or little) I’ve changed since I started. I didn’t start keeping up with it at Sparkpeople until April 26 (2 weeks after Easter), and I had already lost 3 lbs by then, and who know what the inches were. However, in the last 113 days (or 3 months, 22 days, or 16 weeks, however you want to count it) I have changed a lot more than I thought. Since then I’ve lost 6 more lbs (so 9 total), 3 inches in my bust, 2 inches in my thighs, 5 inches in my waist, and 5 inches in my hips. I’m still wearing the same clothes I was then, but it hit me the other day that now my clothes ACTUALLY FIT. I spent so long cramming myself into them (esp my jeans), that it’s so strange to be wearing them correctly and where they look nice. I was upset because I hadn’t lost a dress size, but I have! I was just wearing the wrong size for too long!

I’m still a little discouraged that I didn’t reach my “1 lb a week” goal, so that means I won’t be 160 lbs at Disney in 2.5 weeks. However, I’m going to be in much better shape and feel so much better than I would have if I hadn’t started at all. And eventually I’ll get down to 160, and hopefully even a little smaller. But for now, I’m just going to be happy that my clothes fit right again, and that I can see my waist again. It’s been awhile.

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